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Robins Class

The Robins are our Year 3 & 4 class taught by teacher Miss Kelly Lovick, with support from TAs Charlotte Harris, Emily Martin, Vicky Whiting and Jade Jones.

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Distance learning:

Millie's board game!

posted 4 May 2020, 02:19 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 4 May 2020, 02:27 ]

As always, it has been fantastic to see all the creative ways that you have been learning at home. This week I would like to share a game designed by Millie in our class. It is a fantastic way to learn and practise times tables and she had a lot of fun making it! Here is everything you need to know to make your own game at home.

You start by making a game board similar to this one either by hand or on a computer.

Then you need to make some cards with times table questions like these. Remember to include the number of spaces that you move forward if you get it right (or back if you get it wrong!)
Millie has written some instructions below for her game:


  1. Set up the board game. Choose the pile of cards that has the times tables you are practising on.

  2. Put the cards in a pile face down. You can all use the same pile or you can each use different piles if you are working on different times tables.

  3. Place your counters on the start square.

  4. The oldest player goes first.

  5. Throw the dice.

  6. Move on as many squares as the number on the dice.

  7. Follow the instruction on the square.

  8. If you land on pick a card, pick a card from your pile. You must answer the times table question on the card. If you get it right, move forward the number of squares next to the tick on the card. If you get it wrong, move back the number of squares next to the cross on the card. Your opponent can use the times table sheet to check.

  9. When you have had your turn place your card at the bottom of the pile

  10. The winner is the first person to get to the finish square.

Thank you for sharing your game with us Millie!

Distance leaning

posted 27 Apr 2020, 02:42 by Kelly Lovick

Good morning everyone and happy Monday! A few people have asked for some extra maths and SPAG sheets which I have emailed to individuals. Twinkl continues to produce some good worksheets, you can sign up here Twinkl login with the password: CVDTWINKLHELPS 

White Rose maths are doing some great online lessons: White Rose Maths home learning

Also, a few people have asked about the Times Table challenges that we do in school. I have attached all of the tables and suggest that it is best to work through them in the order that they appear. You get 6 minutes to complete each sheet. Times Table Challenges

Distance learning

posted 20 Apr 2020, 02:16 by Kelly Lovick

Good morning everyone,
I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready to embark on another week of this strange kind of normal! It was great to speak to so many of you on the phone and to hear what you had been up to. When I spoke to you about Distance Learning, most were happy with what was being sent home- some wanted more and some wanted less so I'll keep it in the middle but remember to get in touch if you need a hand with anything. For those of you that wanted some extra bits, I've added links below to some reading, maths and SPAG sheets.

Year 4

Year 3/4

Hope it helps!

Roman roads

posted 28 Feb 2020, 08:02 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 4 Mar 2020, 02:48 ]

This week we have been thinking about Roman roads. We looked at the remains of old roads and researched how they were made. 

We talked about how we would build a road and then wrote instructions.

Finally, we made our own roads of some rather tasty ingredients! We used crushed biscuits as the sand, Malteasers in custard to represent stone slabs in cement and smarties in custard to show cement and crushed stones. We finished the road with custard cream stone blocks.

Roman pots and Roman dancing

posted 14 Feb 2020, 06:21 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 14 Feb 2020, 08:03 ]

We found out about different types of Roman pots and then tried to make our own. We had the choice of making a pinch or coil pot which we then decorated with Roman patterns or numerals.

Will and Noah

Our class has been doing a dance because we have entered a dance competition at Ivybridge college. Our topic is about Romans so our dance is about the battle between the Celts and Romans.

There are two sections in our dance: the main parts are the scarf dance and the fighting dance. The dance shows how the Romans and Celts battled each other and the scarf dance is meant to mean good luck to the warriors.

Aqueducts on the playground!

posted 14 Feb 2020, 06:09 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 14 Feb 2020, 08:00 ]

We have been researching the question “What did the Romans build after they settled in Britain?” We found out about Roman roads, the structure of villas and thought about how water was transported.

We spent some time looking at different ways we could construct an aqueduct and then made some on the playground!

Roman flatbread

posted 14 Feb 2020, 05:55 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 14 Feb 2020, 07:08 ]

This week we returned to Plympton Academy to make another tasty snack. We followed a BBC recipe to make a different version of Roman bread. We had to mix the ingredients together, knead the dough and then quickly fry the bread on both sides. 

We topped the Roman flatbreads with cheese and salad and then enjoyed eating them!

A Roman day in the woods

posted 26 Jan 2020, 12:26 by Kelly Lovick

This week we took our Topic to Forest School. We played a Roman game called Rota (Latin for wheel) which was found carved into stones on many Roman roads and buildings around the Roman Empire. It is a strategic game which requires players to get their 3 counters in a row either around the edge of the circle or through the centre point. We spent a long time playing and discussing tactics around our large Forest-School inspired boards!

For our snack, we ate Roman bread. The Romans did not have yeast so it was a flat, dense bread but we all agreed that it was very tasty!

We also created Roman villas, wrote Roman numerals using charcoal and learnt how to tie Roman knots.

Renewable energy and Spanish frittata!

posted 19 Jan 2020, 13:28 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 19 Jan 2020, 13:39 ]

This week we had a very interesting and informative visit from Dr Juliette- a scientist, researcher and energy advisor. She spoke to us about different types of renewable energy and why they are important. She showed us how energy can travel through our bodies- we were able to light up a bulb! We also investigated the best place for a solar panel to be placed in our school.

To kick off our Spanish learning we were lucky enough to visit Plympton Academy and make our own chorizo and potato frittatas. 

We worked in groups of three to cook our delicious creations which we took home at the end of the day- yum!

Romans in Robins!

posted 13 Jan 2020, 04:25 by Kelly Lovick

Welcome back! I hope you had a good break and are all looking forward to an exciting Spring term. 

This term our big question is How did the Romans influence our lives?

We will think about how the Roman Empire began, the everyday lives of Romans and the legacy that they have left behind.

We kicked off our topic on Friday with a visit from a Roman soldier! He showed us an informative PowerPoint and talked about the body armour and weapons that he might have used in battle.

We played a Roman Rummy game to introduce us to Roman Gods, Goddesses and Famous buildings.

After break, we made timelines showing different important dates in the history of Ancient Rome.

The highlight of the day was when we picked up our shields and spears and marched out to the playground! We learnt how to march in formation and to create a defence. Luckily we managed to defend ourselves against an attack from the teachers!

We ended the day by learning how to throw our spears like javelins.

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