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Robins Class

Robins is our Year 2 & 3 class taught by teacher Miss Kelly Lovick, with support from Miss Emily Martin and Mrs Viccy Florey.

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posted 27 Mar 2018, 02:53 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 27 Mar 2018, 02:59 ]

STEM week! 

We had a fantastic week involving lots of activities, experiments, talks and visits. We attended a Harry Potter workshop, listened to a talk from Wolf Mine and managed to extract DNA from frozen peas!

On Monday we learnt to make a range of potions from a Veritaserum to an invisibility elixir using some very strange ingredients(Miss Lovick wasn’t too keen on the eels eyeballs!). It was no surprise however to find that our favourite potion was the one that made slime!

We really enjoyed making robotic hands as part of our science learning on how our bodies work. We were able to pull the strings and make them wave! Our class is getting much better at coding due to ‘The hour of code.’ Some people in our class even managed to code part of a Star Wars game. 

The Wolf Mine talk was very interesting- we learnt a lot about the minerals that are extracted and the processes used to do this. 


We ended the week by tweeting about what we had been up to!

The Crazy Chef Challenge!

posted 1 Mar 2018, 13:08 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 1 Mar 2018, 13:10 ]

On Monday we were lucky enough to visit the Eden project and take part in the Crazy Chef Challenge.

The Eden chef set a challenge for our class to bake a global cake using ingredients from all over the world. He gave us clear instructions, but unfortunately the ingredients were written in Latin!

We split into teams and set off on a mission to solve the clues, find the plants on the map and then collect all the ingredients needed to bake the cake. We had to be quick as if we didn't get back in time the Crazy Chef would still make the cake but he would eat it all himself!

We all enjoyed reading the clues, using a map and coordinates and finding the ingredients in the biomes.

Luckily we got back in time and delivered all the ingredients to the Crazy Chef. While our cake was cooking we investigated where in the world our ingredients have come from and how this connects us to people and places across the planet. Finally, the cake arrived! 

(unfortunately Miss Sparkes and I were unable to try the cake due to it still being sugar-free February however all the children assured us it was delicious!)

If I gave you a round the world ticket, where would you go?

posted 5 Feb 2018, 14:37 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 5 Feb 2018, 14:38 ]

We have been focusing on our big question “If I gave you a round the world ticket where would you go?”

This question has prompted lots of discussions about countries we have visit, places we have heard or read about and inevitably places we would like to visit!

We kicked off our new topic with the question, “Are all countries equal?” We spent an afternoon role playing the situations of different countries across the world prompting discussions around food, health and fairness.

Each group was allocated a different amount of food and water to reflect the wealth of their country. Some children were alarmed to find that they only had a few crisps and some dirty water whilst others had a lot more.

After lots of thoughtful discussion the groups represented the poorer countries expressed how they had felt sad, jealous and very helpless. The richer countries, whilst satisfied and happy with what they had did say that they felt sorry for the countries that had less and expressed a desire to help them by sharing their excess food.

Digital art

posted 24 Nov 2017, 04:40 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 29 Nov 2017, 23:51 by Francesca McLoughlin ]

This week we were lucky enough do a whole day of digital art with Helen Gilbert from MED Theatre- a Dartmoor arts organisation that takes inspiration from local legends and our environment.

We warmed up our minds and voices with a rendition of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star whilst counting the syllables. This helped us to recognise the number of syllables in the Haiku poems that Helen had written for us. After recognising a 5-7-5 pattern we were able to write our own Haikus inspired by objects that we had collected from Forest School. 

Click here to see the final animations

Everyone was very engaged in the activity and wrote some fantastic poems. After lunch, we used our forest school finds and made some props to create short, motion-stop clips. Finally, we recorded our voices over the top so that our Haikus will play in the background over the animations.

We ended the day with traditional Dartmoor myths told by Helen including The story of Torridge and Tavy and The Tale of Jan Coo. 

Robins class rocks!

posted 17 Nov 2017, 02:32 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 17 Nov 2017, 02:37 ]

Over the past 2 weeks we have been looking at rocks and how they form, through a series of fun, interactive (and yummy!) science investigations.

We started by looking at how rocks are formed using starburst!

We chopped the starburst into pieces and used them to make sedimentary 'rocks'. We then rolled and squashed them in our hands to show how metamorphic rocks are formed using heat and pressure. After a short amount of time in the microwave our 'rocks' turned into lava which then cooled into an igneous rock.

We noticed at each stage how the little chunks of starburst 'sediment' got harder to see and then they completely disappeared. 

We have also been looking at how fossils form. We made imprint fossils in salt dough using dinosaur bones,

and we fossilised jelly worms in amber (orange jelly!) 

Next week we will look at how we group different types of rock

Brunel came to visit

posted 5 Nov 2017, 23:36 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 5 Nov 2017, 23:38 ]

This week we're fortunate enough to have a visit from Brunel. 

We were all very engaged as we listened to the story of Brunel's achievements including: designing the Clifton Suspension Bridge, Paddington station and the Royal Albert Bridge that many of us have travelled on.

We learnt about how he took inspiration from the world around him to help solve problems in his designs and in the construction of his most famous bridges. We then put this new knowledge into practice as we made our own bridges, played a board game about Brunel's life and had a go at designing Paddington station for ourselves.

We did very well in the quiz at the end of the day- so well in fact that we beat Brunel himself when Mason remembered not only the year but also the day and month that Brunel died (15th September 1859!)

We had a wonderful, interactive day and were all very inspired by having a historical figure in our classroom- it really brought the facts to life. 

We met an author

posted 8 Oct 2017, 09:53 by Kelly Lovick

We had a wonderful day meeting Simon James- author of 'Sally and the Limpet' and 'Dear Greenpeace.' Simon spoke to us about how he forms his ideas, how those single ideas join together and then how they weave their way into his stories. We were all very inspired by the way he spoke to and engaged with our class, especially when we found out that he had written his first story aged 7 about an International Space Station for ants!

In Forest School we made lovely natural faces using materials we found around our base camp and we made towers by carefully balancing rocks and branches.

We continued our investigation into the strength of different shapes including triangles, circles and squares. Most groups decided that triangles were strongest and used this to design bridges that could hold stacks of books.

Next week we will visit the zoo, continue to look at poetry in English and discuss the results of our mouldy science experiment! 

Robin's 25 Decker Bus

posted 1 Oct 2017, 15:05 by Kelly Lovick

This week we finished our 25 decker bus based on the book we have been reading in class. Everyone designed, described and made their own deck based on the needs of the passengers. We have a: hospital, race track, library, school and museum deck and we are very pleased with the final result, especially as it is taller than everyone in our class. 

In forest school this week I was pleased to see many children working really well together in small groups to build, light and maintain their own independent fires. We also made lovely little clay hedgehogs using pine cones and other forest materials to add texture. Some children extended this activity further by making their hedgehogs a woodland home. 

Our collaborative STEM afternoons with Squirrels continued this week with a focus on the structure of bridges. We observed different types of bridges and then used newspaper to investigate how different shapes are stronger. Some of the designs were very creative- using rolled up newspaper folded into triangles proved to be successful; with one bridge withholding the weight of a stack of books. 

Code breaking, deck designing and suspension bridges.

posted 24 Sep 2017, 12:22 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 24 Sep 2017, 12:23 ]

Robins and Hedgehogs have really enjoyed their combined topic afternoons. This week we focused on designing and creating suspension bridges. We found that by using string attached to straws, we were able to strengthen the cardboard bridges so that they could support the weight of our model cars. We also made boats using clay as the rivets.

We continued our topic work on journeys by starting to look at how we can follow routes and maps in forest school. We completed a 'code break' activity whereby the children had to get from one side of the grid to the other following a set pattern. 

In English we thought about how we could design our own deck for the '100 decker bus'. This prompted lots of lovely ideas including: farm, classroom, hospital and race track decks, which the class then described using some wonderful adjectives. 

Next week we will continue to focus on journeys through poetry in English and mapping in forest school.

Dance, Forest School and The 100 Decker Bus

posted 15 Sep 2017, 04:19 by Kelly Lovick   [ updated 16 Sep 2017, 12:34 by Francesca McLoughlin ]

We have all enjoyed our first full week back with lots of new and interesting learning challenges. Robins class took part in a dance lesson at the old school where we are working on a routine based on journeys. We started with our journey to school and even managed to turn the mundane task of brushing our teeth into a graceful and exciting dance. Our teacher complimented the class on their ability to listen to and keep in time with the music. 

We have all been trying really hard with our writing this week and have written some lovely sentences such as: "The tired lady with the yellow coat and the crying baby was getting on the bus."

The weather held off for our first forest school session. We found sweet chestnuts and acorns and made lovely conker necklaces. We thought about how, as the weather starts to get colder, it will be increasingly difficult for birds to find food so we made feeders for them with seeds and peanut butter, yum!

Next week we will continue to read our adventure story 'The 100 decker bus' and start to design our own decks to add to it.

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