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Small mammal trappings and trying to get our platinum forest school badge

posted 24 Jun 2019, 13:16 by Alannah Palmer
This week Dave set up some traps to monitor the small mammals we have around our school. Out of 6 traps, we found 2 field mice: a pregnant female and a young male. They were really light, only about 19g! Less than a packet of crisps! After making a few observations, the mice were released to return to their homes. We left some traps for the morning but no animals came to them.

At forest school, we worked on fulfilling the requirements for our badges - particularly year 6 who only have a few weeks let to earn them ☹️
This involved some independent fires, den building, tool safety and using compass directions. It was a wonderfully purposeful session that really showed Owls at their best.