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Owls Class

The Owls are a class of Year 5 & Year 6 with their teacher Mrs Palmer and TA Mrs Jones. 

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STEM week Part 2

posted 18 Mar 2019, 06:05 by Alannah Palmer

Thank you to Keira for this blog post.

This week for STEM, we made some flood proof houses for Watu island [a fictional island]. We designed a house and were given some costs for the equipment we used to make the house. Whilst making our houses, we needed to work out the total cost of them and after a few days, on Wednesday we tested our houses and Mrs Palmer sprayed them down to see whether the cotton wool person inside would get wet. We also flooded the tub outside to see if they would float. Then we got scored for the amount of money we spent, the appearance, and how it well it survived in the water. The team who won was Ruby, Sadie and Archie they spent £1,194 and their cotton wool person was completely dry. They used polystyrene on the bottom of their boat to make it float in the pretend flood.   

STEM week part 1

posted 16 Mar 2019, 02:08 by Alannah Palmer

Thank you Daniel for your letter to our visiting scientist.

Dear scientist,

Thanks for organising the science workshop for Owls and the other classes. It  was full of science. I liked that we did it as well as you. The 3D glasses were full of colour and beauty. It was also cool that we made a mini whirl pool and blew the balls. I managed to land it on the right place most of the time. My personal  favorite was the first one, the flower soaked up the water after it combined. Genius!


From Daniel

Help with fractions

posted 16 Mar 2019, 02:01 by Alannah Palmer

Here are some websites and games that we have used in class to apply and practise our recognition of different fractions. Try these out at home.

Trip to Burrator Reservoir

posted 16 Mar 2019, 01:47 by Alannah Palmer

Thank you to Lavinia for your detailed and well written diary entry about our day out.

Dear Diary,

Today I got up and went to school. When we got there we got ready to Burrator Reservoir. Once we all were ready, we lined up outside ready to get on the bus. We all got on it. I sat next to Oliver and Beau right at the back of the bus. When we got there, we met our tour guide Paul. He is an expert on the moors and he was going to take us half the way round the Reservoir.

Our first stop was by a horse field and there was a few Dartmoor ponies outside it. He told us not to feed them because they might be allergic to the food you give them and they may get sick.

Our next stop was the potato cave. It was dark and creepy down there so thank god that Greta had her torch with her. There was also a bat down there. A real life bat. It was impossible to see without the light from the torch.

The third stop was on the path next to the river. We saw a woodpeckers home. It was a small hole in a really twisty tree. We couldn't see or hear the Woodpecker though. It was probably because the river was too noisy.  

The fourth stop was Leather Tor Farm. It was an abandoned farm. It was abandoned because all their litter was going into the Reservoir so they were kicked out. It was mainly crumpled down because it was so old but a bit of it remained.

After that we stopped for snack time (everyone was sooo hungry.) I had a banana. It was mostly brown because it had been bumped around in my bag for so long; I didn't mind though because I like it that way.

After that, we went up to a man made river. I lied on a big stone lying above the river. It was attached to the riverbanks. The river was around 80 cm wide. We dropped sticks into it until we got to our next stop.

The next stop was a tomb of an old leader from the bronze age. We ate lunch there but we had to pay our respects to the tomb so we couldn’t sit anywhere near it.

I had some blueberries, some egg sandwiches, a chocolate and caramel cereal bar, some popcorn, some strawberry flavoured water and and an orange.


Next we kept on throwing sticks in the river and we went down a road and across a field. At the end of it there was a little pond. Mum said that it was where fairies had their parties. I thought it was where demons met up to find their revenge on humans for locking them up in hell.

After that we found the Reservoir. I put a stick in the water and held the end as bait to catch jaws. I didn’t catch him though.

That was my day at Burrator Reservoir.



Delayed post from 1st March

posted 11 Mar 2019, 01:59 by Alannah Palmer

Thank you to Ned and Libby for the post and photos.

This week Owls class have had their last forest school session with Mrs Oldroyd and had marshmallows for snack which we had not in 3 years.                      

        This weeks golden apple is Alana D, the forest school award Tom B,       

         the respect award is Ruby O. In topic, the class have recognised the things that are the same and the difference of map symbols and maps that are zoomed in or out.

Also, we spotted (and smelt!) the wild garlic coming through! Owls are very excited to have it with their snack.

A topsy-turvey week

posted 9 Feb 2019, 06:16 by Alannah Palmer

Thank you to Oska and Keira for writing our blog this week.

In forest school today we did a variety of things, such as worry dolls. Mrs Jones was making candles out of soya wax and string (she mentioned the name but I can’t remember). We tied two knots at the end of it and dipped it in hot wax. We waited twenty seconds before dipping the string in again. We also made worry dolls with card and different coloured string. I made a Egyptian Mummy and Tom made a zombie, but everyone’s was good. For snack we had summer rolls, which are made of salad wrapped in rice pancakes.

At bikeability we learnt how to be safe on the road whilst riding a bike.

We learnt to use road signals like shoulder checks, indicating and left/right turns. At the beginning of bikeability we all did level one to make sure we could ride a bike and we practised shoulder checks and indicating before we went on the road. For the rest of the week we did all the things on the road which was really fun. 

Understanding the journey of a river

posted 2 Feb 2019, 00:57 by Alannah Palmer

Following some research using an educational video and reference books, groups of children were given sections of the river to represent and complete further research on. The small groups had to work together and creatively to design their part of the river using a variety of materials resources. The final piece is very impressive and will be the first thing to go up in our new classroom. We look forward to welcoming you in to take a look.

Very focused Forest School

posted 25 Jan 2019, 06:26 by Alannah Palmer   [ updated 26 Jan 2019, 06:27 ]

This week at forest school we had the best time ever. We made pictures out of leaves and sticks. We also cooked flatbread.
This week at forest we made Andy Goldsworthy styled work. This is because we are focusing on Andy Goldsworthy as an artist. We made mini dolls made out of wool. It was really fun!!! Some people got chosen to cook the snack, it was flatbread. Forest school is really fun.

Thank you to Oliver and Lavinia for taking some great photos and writing our blog this week.

Arts Week

posted 18 Jan 2019, 08:18 by Alannah Palmer

We have had incredible opportunities this week to engage in the arts.
Our family art afternoon meant we could some different famous artists and use them for the inspiration for individual or collaborative pieces. In French, we reasearched famous artists and looked at their style. On Wednesday, we had a workshop from an artist called Andy, who taught different line drawing techniqes and painting with a special ink called Brusho. The landscapes we produced are colourful and creative. We are all very proud of our work.

Understanding OS maps

posted 13 Jan 2019, 03:30 by Alannah Palmer

As part of our of our new learning project, we have been exploring the symbols used on ordinance survey maps: including images, letters and contour lines. The class made deductions and applied prior knowledge really well to understand and describe what they found.

Our learning around strategies for division has started. Some children used this game to apply their understanding. I’ve included the link for you to try out at home.

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