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Owls Class

The Owls are a class of Year 5 & Year 6 with their teacher Mrs Alannah Palmer and TAs Miss Emily Martin and Mrs Jade Jones. 

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Chinese New Year and collaboration

posted 25 Jan 2020, 01:20 by Alannah Palmer

This week in forest school we all have made art for chinese new year. We have written the chinese symbol for rat and we made some fortune cookie which we gave to the class. For snack, we had some noodles and veg. The veg was carrots and onion.                      

  This week in topic we have looked at events that have happened to Queen Victoria like the time someone tried to shoot QV or the time QV married her husband, Prince Albert.

  We had a music lesson and performed a jazz piece called ‘Three Tone Bossa’ which included our own improvisations using notes GBA.

 In PE, our focus in ‘Social’ in which we have to develop our listening skills, cooperation skills and how we give advice and feedback sensitively. We played Crossing the River asa context to practice these skills.

Thank you to Oliver C and Mekhi for helping with the blog this week.

Making our planet better

posted 17 Jan 2020, 10:51 by Alannah Palmer


This week a scientist called Dr. Jackson came in to talk to us about what's happening to the oceans because of climate change. We learned how quickly the ice melts because of greenhouse gasses and fossil fuels. We also learned about solar power, wind power and tidal power all generate power instead of mains electricity and how you can switch from mains electricity to getting natural power from solar stations.

As well as that, in the workshop we got to experiment what places generated more electricity by holding a mini solar panel up and measured the vaults with an ammeter.


In math we did timesing double digits by double digits. Some of us learned the compact method but some of us did the partitioning method. Some people did a few two digit by three digits.

E.g. 23x54=1242


In english we made up a teacher. We thought about their appearance, how they moved and spoke and their personality. Most people did mean teachers but some did nice ones. Also, most people drew their teacher but some did not if you didn't you would have to explain what they looked like. Lots of them had very mean punishments. We thought about how we could use similes, metaphors and noun phrases to make our descriptions better.


In topic we have been learning about The Victorians and the timeline of key events.

Thank you Maisie and Adair for your detailed blog.

Light it up

posted 15 Jan 2020, 00:18 by Alannah Palmer

This week we were doing things with circuits and electricity. On one of the activities we were seeing what happened if we added more batteries to our circuits (wires connected with with two batteries and a light bulb.) The conclusion was that either the bulb blew or got very bright. The other activity was to see what happened when we added more light bulbs, that conclusion was the bulbs went very dim. One of the activities was to label some of circuits and draw a circuit with the right symbols. The last activity was to use the hot wires which conducted electricity to make lights go on and there was a burglar alarm, a lie detector and an FM radio (none of this worked because we didn’t have a fuse!)    

We also did music. Using the glockenspiels we were playing G A B notes to the jazz music.     

On Thursday, some people went to the Sparkwell Parish Hall to do some singing for the Sparkwell over 60s club. We did 6/7 songs most of which were songs that they knew. The songs were: This old man, She’ll be coming round the mountain, You’ve got a friend in me, The bear necessities and Yellow submarine.

By Greta and Toby.

Christmas Week

posted 20 Dec 2019, 06:35 by Alannah Palmer

At the end of our first term, I just want to say how wonderfully Owls class has come together. Whilst we may have a few niggles, the team work, cooperation and hard work I’ve seen in the past few weeks has made me really excited of things to come in the next 2 terms.
We’ve had a week of Christingle prep (including poetry comprehension and reciting); sweet treat and gift box making and black out poetry. I hope you, as parents, have enjoyed some of these yourself.
As is becoming a bit of a Christmas tradition, Mrs Jones and I decided not to give the children individual gifts but instead made a donation to ChooseLove. They provide directly to refugees across the world and we felt this a suitable charity given our topic.
I would like to take this time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and I look forward to seeing you in 2020.
Best wishes
Mrs Palmer

The Performance

posted 18 Dec 2019, 06:27 by Alannah Palmer

On Tuesday 10th December we did our school play. Our play was Cinderella and Rockerfella. It was similar to the real story but there were a few different things involved.  In the real story, there are two ugly sisters but in our story had three ugly sisters. They were called Stinky, Gusty and Nasty played by Greta, Alexis and Ava and we also had cue cards so the audience could join in with the show. The cue cards were held up by Oliver L, Harry W  and Mason.

In the second to last week, it's been pretty hectic because we have been preparing the play. We have peen making cue cards like ‘Boo’, ‘Hiss’ and ‘Hooray’. Owls, Miss Burstow and Miss Randall made a lot of props for example we made some lipstick out of red paper and a pringles tube. The best thing that we made was a big car for Cinderella to go to the ball in. It looked so cool.

This year, most of year 6 got the biggest roles because it's their last year so we wanted to make it count. Lavinia got one of the main roles as Rockefella: she was great. Alexis, Ava and Greta got the ugly sisters and they were very funny. I think everyone enjoyed them. However we all did great.  

We did a show in the afternoon. Everyone was nervous because that was the first show in front of people. Most people were excited by the evening show but still nervous. I think everyone liked our song at the end because we got a very good clap!

Visit to EfW Plant

posted 9 Dec 2019, 04:58 by Alannah Palmer

Owls enjoyed a visit to the EfW plant. It is inspired some fantastic creative writing.

The Journey of Energy

I'm a piece of energy that has been through a long tiring journey that has several steps. 

I started off as a yogurt pot in the recycling bin because my owner did not need me anymore. He ate all of the yogurt inside of me. On Tuesday, the bin men came they put me in the big spacious lorry in which were many other pieces of rubbish inside. We drove over the big red platform, apparently it was meant to weigh us to see how much rubbish was inside of the lorry. 60 other lorries came in that day, that wasn't unusual because they came in on a regular basis. The total weight of us all together was half a ton! The lorry man had to pay £50 for us to get in, he must have cared about us to pay that much, right? I saw the 96 metre chimney that blew out hot steam. It was so high to me a little yogurt pot and the enormous chimney. There was quite a height difference between us. 

The lorry opened his back and pushed us out which was a bit mean but I did not let it get to me. The landing was soft because 5 days worth of rubbish was 9 storeys high! I'm not even one storey high. 

I saw the big claw. It could pick up 8 tons of rubbish. That’s 8 small cars. I waited for about an hour and the claw picked me up. I was quite scared because the claw picked up none of the house hold objects that were from the house that I came from. 

Suddenly, I felt boiling hot there was a massive fire that was 1000 degrees it was as hot as lava erupting from an active volcano. I was so scared at this point. I didn't want to go into a pit full of fire. I was going to burn.

I'm glad I did that now because I have a use now and I might be powering your home.  

Ava, Year 6

An act of kindness can go a long way

posted 17 Nov 2019, 01:21 by Alannah Palmer

The Arrival

This week we wrote a story about The Arrival. It is a picture book and we have been basing some of our own writing on some of the scenes. We started to write our own version of The Arrival. We made a plan before we started to write our story.  

Anti Bullying week 

On Tuesday we took part in anti bullying week. We had to wear odd socks and we wrote a little messages to stop bullying. 

On Friday, we’ve been learning about Pudsey Day (Children in Need) and we went to forest school.

At forest school, we decorated cookies, whittled fireworks, played find my tree, made individual fires, made leaf collages and charcoal pictures. It was really fun. Also today, we did a pudsey workout and ate some pudsey day cookies.

Thank you to Oliver L and Maisie for this week’s blog.

Publication of our adventurers

posted 3 Nov 2019, 11:22 by Alannah Palmer

We have been finalising our articles about some explorers that inspire us. We used the Great Adventurers book to inspire the way we presented the information - using our creativity, imagination and computing skills. The articles look great  altogether in the book.
We also had a Halloween themed forest school with natural crafts, bone breadsticks and willow and string spider webs.

Zoo and harvest prep

posted 4 Oct 2019, 04:45 by Alannah Palmer

This week in Owls class, we had a good week.  On Wednesday we went to Dartmoor Zoo, and year 5s tested our zoo hunts that  the year 6s made last year. No one’s hunt was perfect but the year fives gave some tips about how it could be better. We’re going to work on these next week.

On Thursday, we went down to the old school to do art and gymnastics. In art we created pictures gaining inspiration from a harvest poem and drew them with different mediums: pencil, felt tips, paint and oil pastels. Then, we did a switch and in gymnastics we did some stunts with a partner and then did some gymnastic tricks. It was really fun. 

Thank you Keira and Ned for the blog this week.

Signs of autumn

posted 28 Sep 2019, 07:15 by Alannah Palmer

This week, on Thursday, we had gymnastics. We learnt to do handstands, cartwheels, forward rolls and one handed cartwheels.

While one half of the class was doing gymnastics, the other half was doing art. We were thinking about words to describe our pictures we drew the week before. 

On Friday, we had Forest School. 

The first thing we did was go on a welly walk. We were collecting different signs of autumn for our nature art. For example: Conkers, sticks, conker shells and autumn leaves.

Next some people did cooking: we made apple sauce with crackers.

With the conkers, we made conker men and learnt how to play the game Conkers.

We used conkers and leaves to create nature art including a large collaborative symmetrical piece. There were a lot of beautiful creations made.

Thank you Isla and Harry for this week’s blog.

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