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Owls Class

The Owls are a class of Year 5 & Year 6 with their teacher Mrs Palmer and TA Mrs Jones. 

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Arts Week

posted 18 Jan 2019, 08:18 by Alannah Palmer

We have had incredible opportunities this week to engage in the arts.
Our family art afternoon meant we could some different famous artists and use them for the inspiration for individual or collaborative pieces. In French, we reasearched famous artists and looked at their style. On Wednesday, we had a workshop from an artist called Andy, who taught different line drawing techniqes and painting with a special ink called Brusho. The landscapes we produced are colourful and creative. We are all very proud of our work.

Understanding OS maps

posted 13 Jan 2019, 03:30 by Alannah Palmer

As part of our of our new learning project, we have been exploring the symbols used on ordinance survey maps: including images, letters and contour lines. The class made deductions and applied prior knowledge really well to understand and describe what they found.

Our learning around strategies for division has started. Some children used this game to apply their understanding. I’ve included the link for you to try out at home.

Our immersive museum

posted 13 Dec 2018, 08:13 by Alannah Palmer

Thank you for those that were able to come to our end of Learning Project museum. I know it’s a busy week so appreciate lots of you couldn’t make it.
We shared our learning with Robins class and we a few air raid warnings telling us to take cover.
Owls were particularly pleased that people interacted with their creative tasks and gave positive feedback to their presentations.

Last minute preparation

posted 7 Dec 2018, 11:17 by Alannah Palmer

We have been really busy this week with our last minute preparation, organisation and rehearsals for all of the exciting stuff we plan to share with you next week.
1. On Tuesday, we’ll share our emotional and thought provoking WW2 dance performance. Tissues at the ready! 
2. On Wednesday, our whole school performance of Baboushka - prepare to be amazed by our singing and performing! Something that will get you thinking about the true message of Christmas!
3. On Thursday, our immersive museum experience to show of the research projects we have carried out in the last few weeks. We may also have some tasty ration treats to try and get your hair done WW2-style!!

We can’t wait to see many of you there

Shelter Designs

posted 17 Nov 2018, 03:04 by Alannah Palmer

We have been applying our knowledge about insulators and conductors to design shelters for ‘ a hamster-sized person’. Our shelters need to let through light and insulate against heat and sound. Owls think they have some great designs but we need to carry out some experiments to be sure the materials work in the way we hope they will! 
Watch this space as we carry out experiments to find out how well bubble wrap insulated against sound and how sandpapaer! and clay insulates heat.

Working towards platinum Forest School badge

posted 9 Nov 2018, 07:04 by Alannah Palmer

We are developing our bird identification skills and learning some important knots so that we meet the criteria for the award. 
Some of the class were able to whittle their butter knifes - it’s a new tricky skill as we don’t want to rotate it like we have done before. 
I was really impressed with the progress everyone made using a compass to correctly describe the direction of paths and landmarks. Well done to everyone in Owls.
Mrs Jones was pleased all the Owls ‘tried’ the acorn flour pancakes we made. Not everyone enjoyed the flavour or texture but at least they tried!

Learning about the Blitz

posted 5 Nov 2018, 05:42 by Alannah Palmer

We have researching more about how people kept themselves and their families safe during WW2 when the bombing moved from RAF bases to our towns and cities. After reading an article from someone recounting their experience of living through the blitz, we designed posters like those that may have been seen to help people keen safe.
Below is a selection of examples.

We are currently building our own Anderson shelter in class. If you have anything that may help it appear more realistic, do let me know.

Busy forest school

posted 5 Oct 2018, 05:15 by Alannah Palmer

This week we had our first Friday forest school - well done to everyone for remembering!
We made made pre-rationing date sweets, peeled the dehydrated acorns ready to make flour and attempted to send secret messages with paper aeroplanes. We are also looking to improve our square lashing technique which is more complex than it appears.
Some children were able to whittle a butter knife. It was tricky but the results were rewarding.

Ration cooking

posted 28 Sep 2018, 10:15 by Alannah Palmer

This week we researched how the people of Britain and Germany were given restrictions with the amount of food and other supplies they had access to during WWII. We made some recipes that would have been used during the war. Lord Woolton pie was a nuticious veggie pie topped with a mashed potato pastry using much less butter than normal and a ‘chocolate’ cake using breadcrumbs from dried up bread. We also made a lentil and cheese sandwich spread which we all agreed was pretty tasty.

A visit from Winston Churchill

posted 18 Sep 2018, 10:45 by Alannah Palmer   [ updated 19 Sep 2018, 07:43 ]

In Owls we had an immersive WWII experience with a historian.
We listened to famous Churchill speeches then went on to write and perform our own.
We also looked at propaganda posters from the time. This was a fantastic afternoon to help us to get an overview of many aspects of life during WWII before we study parts in more detail.

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