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Week t....t....t...two in Hedgehogs class

posted 16 Sep 2016, 08:00 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 16 Sep 2016, 08:00 by Francesca McLoughlin ]
What a great week!
We've met Tim our phonics puppet, he is so very, very naughty! He keeps trying to eat the children's snacks, and today he got so excited about the 't' sound being in his name we had to put him away as he started trying to eat and throw graphemes!
If you've not yet seen them, I have started to make some learning videos online as mostly silly/fun reminders of phonics sounds. Please let me know if these are useful and justify of the surprisingly large amount of time they take to make. I doubt I can maintain one a day, but if enjoyed I will keep them going to some extent.

We finished our volcano dance learning this week with some exciting eruptions from our model volcano and some other bubbly bottles Mr Crawford brought in. It was lots of fun!

Can I ask that in the morning grownups allow their children to take their own responsibility for putting their things where they should go, i.e. bringing in their own book bags and putting them away as well as their coats or lunchboxes etc. This provides an important emphasis on them caring for their own things and building them up for increased responsibility when they are in older classes.

Next week we will continue learning new phonics sounds and continue our maths counting sessions and songs. We will also have another forest school session on wednesday afternoon which I'm sure we will really enjoy.