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Recent fun

posted 3 Feb 2018, 08:59 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 3 Feb 2018, 09:36 by Francesca McLoughlin ]
We love having fun in Hedgehogs class. We've been learning about two new African themed stories; 'Baby Baboon' and 'Laughing Giraffe'. We have enjoyed exploring these and trying to understand the traditional tale elements and what they are telling us about animals Elly saw on her adventures.
Elly has also been going on her own adventures! As you know, she was supposed to be visiting homes of the class but during our first weekend to do this she decided to "disappear" and have her own private adventure! Thankfully she has returned, and so this weekend is seeing her first home visit (admittedly with only 1 leg!) - we look forward to seeing what news and excitement she might bring back to share during Show and Tell on Friday!

Also, following Lex's desire to go on his own adventure (into space) we've also had quite an unexpected focus and interest in space rockets recently! As you can see in the pictures below, many from the class have been working hard to help fix Lex's rocket and get him into space!

It was a little too windy to walk past swaying trees during forest school this week, but never to be discouraged, we took the opportunity to focus on a new forest school piece of equipment; the kelly kettle. We've learned all about it now and this level of focus on one object will really help us to be safe and experienced when we use it in the woods.

Finally, there are also some exciting marshmallow pictures below; not from forest school as you might expect, but from Lex's maths learning! We worked to complete marshmallow challenges and both Lex and Mr Crawford were very impressed with how we solved some of the problems.