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Food and Music

posted 29 Apr 2018, 14:19 by Stephen Crawford
Another action-packed week in Hedgehogs! We have had some great fun continuing to work with instruments and music this week, as well as enjoying listening to our current genre focus of "Pop" - it has been lovely to see how moments of music in the background have inspired renewed interests and focuses in various aspects of the class by different children. It has also been great to see children's own musicality being expressed through their interactions with each other, the environment, and as little songs hummed and quietly sung to themselves as they work and play together.
We really enjoyed cooking with wild garlic this week and exploring all the smells and tastes involved!
We also had our first (yes, it will happy again!) band day! It was great to be a part of this and witness groups of children working together with their instruments to create music and perform for their peers. It was a very inspiring day with lots of noise and lots of engagement - even the adults in the class all expressed a renewed desire to increase their very limited skills on the instruments they brought in, so we hope this desire was also experienced by your children.