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Back for an exciting new half term...

posted 23 Feb 2018, 14:40 by Stephen Crawford
So many things to think about!

It's been lovely to be back at school again this week and we started our new half term with lots of different things to think about. We've been exploring Chinese New Year by talking, making and eating(!), both during forest school and other days back in class.
We've also been working on creating our own 'African house' after looking and talking about the houses Elly saw on her trip to Tanzania. We have been considering our new story ' The Spirit of the Maasai Man' with some very interesting ideas on what 'Spirit' meant, and what the story was showing us about trapped and free animals.
Lex has not yet returned from his space adventures, but we've managed to continue our maths learning without him. Different groups of us have considered doubling, halving and counting in twos, and we've all explored skills to support comparing the weights of objects in a variety of ways.
In addition to all of this we have had another fantastic PE session with Miss Martin and started work in the Art Studio on some African sunset/sunrise silhouette pictures!
Such a busy and exciting start to our new term!