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A 'Wild' time

posted 24 Jun 2018, 11:36 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 24 Jun 2018, 12:18 ]
What a 'Wild' a wonderful time we have been having in Hedgehogs class.
Recently we have worked on thinking about the emotions in our 'Wild' story and have used these as a template to plan and create our own emotions stories. We have also been exploring how music can portray emotions and I was very impressed with how the class worked hard together to decide on instruments and styles of playing they could use together to form their own musical score to our 'Wild' book reflecting the feelings of the characters as it progresses. We look forward to playing it for you in a future assembly.
We were also very lucy to have a barbershop sextet visit and sing to us this week, they were really fantastic and great at answering questions and explaining their work to the class. We used this to talk about the idea of making music without musical instruments other than our own bodies, and we will continue this thinking into next week.
This week we also had a 'wild' trip to the moors and whilst parents of the class are aware of our unexpected experiences there, I shall keep our blog and pictures focused on the Wild things we saw on our walk and explorations. It was certainly a 'Wild' day out!