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Another great week

posted 27 Apr 2017, 09:43 by Stephen Crawford
Another great week in Hedgehogs, even if it is only for 4 days again!
We have continued to look at our new penguin story this week, we now know our ice area is definitely all about a special blue penguin. We've researched about penguins, watched them on a live webcam, and even had a letter from the real Blue penguin!
We enjoyed using the Art Studio two times this week and both Mrs Oldroyd and I are truly impressed with the penguin artwork the class created, make sure you visit the Art Studio during the May day celebrations this coming Friday to see it along with the work from on Squirrels and Robins!
We've also had our science lab alter into its first scientific theme, suggested by the children; Dinosaurs!
We've explored lots of dinosaur learning and enjoyed researching about them as well. At the zoo we tried to find features of dinosaurs in other animals and had lots of fun simply enjoying the sunny weather in a different environment.
Our dinosaur since explorations continue next week, thank you for those of you who have brought in extra dinosaur books and resources to support the class's fascination with this learning.