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Another exciting end to a term

posted 2 Jun 2018, 12:47 by Stephen Crawford
We had another really exciting end to a half term and have enjoyed every moment of it!
We have been working really hard on creating our own musical works linked to common nursery rhymes, we've even made our own books for the 'Mulberry Bush'!
We have enjoyed exploring a range of different genres and working out how these make us feel and what ways we can respond to the music we hear. We've particularly enjoyed painting to music and seeing how different types of music change the way we create art.
In our maths learning we have continued to think carefully about money and coins, and have been exploring measuring further by really spending the time to compare, contrast and calculate the capacity of objects.
With amazing timing (as some of us had started to explore bandages and medicine again), we had a visit from a real ambulance and had a very detailed and interactive tour and exploration of all the instruments and tools inside! Lots of us spent many opportunities to build our own ambulances in the days following this, and they were nearly all very keen to show where they were storing the "laughing gas"!
With the weather improving as well we have had an increased opportunity to use the sandpit and it has been lovely to see this area being explored by bringing building tools and blocks into it in order to create something new. Many of the children have explored intricate building works by sifting sand to create cement, moving it along self-made conveyer belts, pouring it to make roads and then finding various blocks and tools to try and flatten it down.