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An interesting week...

posted 12 May 2017, 06:29 by Stephen Crawford
What in interesting week we've had at Sparkwell!
I'll focus this post on the last 2 and a half days where upon we started our special whole school challenges and activities to support slowly decreasing staff/pupil numbers!
We have had some great learning happening despite the sudden change to plans and format.

During Wednesday afternoon we carried out activities in our sports day teams to try and support team work... it's not always easy to work together when we have our own ideas! We had a big challenge to build human skeletons from outdoors resources, however we had to discuss our plans and work together to make just one per team!
After this we worked on observational drawing to draw a flower and an insect, but we had to make sure we did them from observing a real plant/insect, not just from memory!

Thursday was dinosaur day! All three classes have spent some time relatively recently considering dinosaurs and so we had various challenges ranging from clay dinosaur work to stick dinosaurs. We also had some slack line challenges and cookie holder building opportunities.

Friday was a more relaxed half day with a "whole school" show and tell session, some smaller activities and some stories.