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A new term

posted 8 Jan 2017, 07:56 by Stephen Crawford
What a great start we've had to our new Spring term and to 2017!
We had just a short week to start with, but we have already started to consider our new essential question: "How do we know what's around us?". This was quite a confusing question to be asked, and we had some very interesting answers! However I was very pleased to see the class manage to determine three of our senses that we can use to detect what is around us. They were able to give examples of their use too when we tried to tell some new school robots where they were. (Children mentioned how the robots could see what was near then, they could hear things around them and they could bump into things to feel things!)

Below is a video outlining our overview for this term and it will let you see why we are so proud of the class already picking up on using senses to determine what is around them.