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Hedgehogs Class

We are a Foundation Class of 15 children. Mr Crawford, Mrs Oldroyd and Miss Mildren help us with our learning and look after us. We have lots of fun and we like learning inside and outside. 

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Spaceship crash!

posted 7 Mar 2018, 09:01 by Stephen Crawford

Some of you may have predicted this... especially if you managed to see this video a few weeks ago...

That's right... we arrived to find warning signs up by the entrance to the school and even more tape and signs in the hedgehog's playground.... a spaceship had crashed! 

We used our really good thinking skills to decide how we would slowly investigate the site and spent a long time slowly and carefully marking out where evidence was; outlining with chalk and labelling with cards. We also had to select some of the evidence and study it closely by weighing it and recording what we saw. 

We even found some weird purple goo that we decided must be the fuel from the crashed spaceship.

We then had a think about what the evidence was telling us and worked out what direction the ship had come from (it had bounced off the outdoor rain shelter as we found some of the shelter smashed on the floor). 
We also had some theories that it might be Lex's spaceship as lots of spaghetti (Lex's favourite food) was found as well.

By the afternoon we were ready to open the space ship and we found a pod inside. Opening this we found, not only Lex, but a special alien visitor he had brought with him called Bob!



We look forward to finding out what Bob can teach us.

A short and snowy week

posted 4 Mar 2018, 12:00 by Stephen Crawford

Well, as you know, this week was cut short quite significantly by very snowy weather! We had managed to start thinking about some new "Oi Frog" books leading up to world book day, and enjoyed both Forest School and gymnastics, but then we had to leave!
Thankfully we did have time to explore the ice and snow in school together as well, and had a great time Wednesday morning exploring a variety of places filled with ice (including some magic green and pink ice!) and we worked hard to try and excavate the heaviest piece of ice we could find, then compare it to others.

Back for an exciting new half term...

posted 23 Feb 2018, 14:40 by Stephen Crawford

So many things to think about!

It's been lovely to be back at school again this week and we started our new half term with lots of different things to think about. We've been exploring Chinese New Year by talking, making and eating(!), both during forest school and other days back in class.
We've also been working on creating our own 'African house' after looking and talking about the houses Elly saw on her trip to Tanzania. We have been considering our new story ' The Spirit of the Maasai Man' with some very interesting ideas on what 'Spirit' meant, and what the story was showing us about trapped and free animals.
Lex has not yet returned from his space adventures, but we've managed to continue our maths learning without him. Different groups of us have considered doubling, halving and counting in twos, and we've all explored skills to support comparing the weights of objects in a variety of ways.
In addition to all of this we have had another fantastic PE session with Miss Martin and started work in the Art Studio on some African sunset/sunrise silhouette pictures!
Such a busy and exciting start to our new term!


posted 9 Feb 2018, 14:59 by Stephen Crawford

What an exciting week it has been in Hedgehogs class.
We started the week with forest school and enjoyed exploring a different 'base camp' area. Whilst there we worked on some slack-lining skills for balance, some tree climbing ("the floor is lava" was mentioned a few times!) and we also whittled sticks to use to cook bread on in a fire.
This week we also enjoyed a gymnastics session with Miss Martin (the chalk monster), where we explored different ways to move across mats; some of which were quite challenging!
We tried to do some maths this week, but had a little problem; at first we thought Mr Crawford had lost Lex, but after a day or two we found a letter from him... he had copied our mission control and space rocket designs from last week and gone into space on his own adventure!
Thankfully he had left a telescope for us and although when we took it outside we couldn't find him, many of us did see aliens on the planet we pointed it at. We decided to write messages to send into space, both to tell Lex what to find on his adventure, and also to describe what he was like to the aliens so they would be kind to him if they see him.

Recent fun

posted 3 Feb 2018, 08:59 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 3 Feb 2018, 09:36 by Francesca McLoughlin ]

We love having fun in Hedgehogs class. We've been learning about two new African themed stories; 'Baby Baboon' and 'Laughing Giraffe'. We have enjoyed exploring these and trying to understand the traditional tale elements and what they are telling us about animals Elly saw on her adventures.
Elly has also been going on her own adventures! As you know, she was supposed to be visiting homes of the class but during our first weekend to do this she decided to "disappear" and have her own private adventure! Thankfully she has returned, and so this weekend is seeing her first home visit (admittedly with only 1 leg!) - we look forward to seeing what news and excitement she might bring back to share during Show and Tell on Friday!

Also, following Lex's desire to go on his own adventure (into space) we've also had quite an unexpected focus and interest in space rockets recently! As you can see in the pictures below, many from the class have been working hard to help fix Lex's rocket and get him into space!

It was a little too windy to walk past swaying trees during forest school this week, but never to be discouraged, we took the opportunity to focus on a new forest school piece of equipment; the kelly kettle. We've learned all about it now and this level of focus on one object will really help us to be safe and experienced when we use it in the woods.

Finally, there are also some exciting marshmallow pictures below; not from forest school as you might expect, but from Lex's maths learning! We worked to complete marshmallow challenges and both Lex and Mr Crawford were very impressed with how we solved some of the problems.

Forest School Mud Kitchen

posted 22 Jan 2018, 23:35 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 22 Jan 2018, 23:37 ]

We had a lovely time at Forest School this monday. We took pots and pans and various tools to make a mud kitchen along the stream and explored lots of cooking, selling and splashing! On the way we put up some of the bird feeders we had previously made.
These sorts of sessions are really enriching and engaging for the class and it's fantastic to see how well prepared and "forest school ready" tha majority of the class are. Can I just ask that thought is also given to what children wear after forest school? A change of socks and trousers are essential following messy water activities, and really a whole outfit is needed for when our sleeves get wet or we fall. We have gone through a huge quantity of spare school socks and have run out of these again! Each child having their own change of clothes will really help and support a quick transition from forest school to other learning, as well as increase children's independence as they manage their own changing. Thanks!

Welcome back!

posted 7 Jan 2018, 14:22 by Stephen Crawford

We had a short week in which to return to class and it was great for us all to see each other again and spend some time playing together and sharing Christmas break stories.
We had a relatively "light" start to our term to allow us all to catch up with friends, remember our school expectations/boundaries, refresh our minds with phonic sounds learnt and explore the start of our new project about Elly the Elephant!
Tim found Elly when we were discussing the sound 'nk' in the word 'trunk' and she has shared lots of news and pictures of animals she found on her travels. We are looking forward to reading and hearing about some of the stories she has learned too!
Stories will be a big focus this month particularly as we have started "Janu-read" where we are counting all the books we have read together as a school... no better time to push yourselves with home reading books and bug-club! (but don't forget we are counting any book/stories read!)

Mr Crawford and Elly go to Africa

posted 22 Dec 2017, 09:55 by Stephen Crawford

The Hedgehogs class asked Mr Crawford to take “Elly the Elephant” to Africa so she could explore and find animal friends.
You can follow their progress here:

The last full week of the year...

posted 15 Dec 2017, 14:10 by Stephen Crawford

It's been another busy week in Hedgehogs class and we've all had a great deal of fun and excitement.
We have been thinking alot about the number 5 and working out ways to represent it with dots, blocks, or large objects in different patterns and shapes. We have also been thinking about how we can take the number 5 and split it into two different smaller numbers. We've tried this in a variety of different ways, using different objects; even ourselves! We've been trying to find how many different ways we can split 5 into two smaller groups.
This week we have also enjoyed reading the Jolly Christmas Postman and created lots of letters to send to each other, Father Christmas, and other people we know. We've had to make sure we had stamps on the envelopes and names and locations clearly shown so our letters would get to their intended destinations!

There have also been a number of special events this week. We had a zoo trip, and whilst we did need to spend a large amount of time inside due to the cold, we were able to explore a range of activities and found a note from Father Christmas' reindeer in Tim's phonics box! It led us on a trip to find Father Christmas' real reindeer who had a very tasty treat waiting for us!
We have also proudly shown off our 'Going on a Bear hunt' dance that we have been working on at the same time as learning all our 'Eddie the Penguin' dances and songs. We went on a school trip on a big bus to see 'The Enormous Turnip' at the theatre. It was wonderfully interactive and the class adored it. I have to confess to spending quite some time watching the Hedgehog class' reactions to the play rather than the performance itself! It was magical!
If that wasn't all enough, we also had our Christmas jumper day and whole-school christmas meal in the village hall! This was a great experience and a very tasty one too!

Finally, the class enjoyed discussing the differences between the theatre version of The Enormous Turnip and one we read in class. They were most interested in the fact that in theatre version had them turn the turnip into a carriage to then go and travel to Africa, yet in the story we read they simply ate the turnip. We had a think about what Africa was and what they might expect to see there. The class felt that in Africa the characters from the play would find; Wildebeest, giraffes, pigs, tigers, kangaroos and clowns. We then met a new mini-puppet friend hiding under Mr Crawford's Christmas hat called Elly the Elephant. She explained she was a little sad as wanted to find her home. The class decided that she must come from Africa too and we had a very excited discussion about how she could get there and which type of transport would work best. Hedgehogs have now suggested that Mr Crawford needs to try and take Elly on a long trip to Africa! Quite the challenge...

A Christmassy week!

posted 9 Dec 2017, 07:22 by Stephen Crawford

What a fantastic Christmassy week we have had at Christmas.
Obviously you are all well aware of how amazing the class were in their Christmas production. To stand up on stage and sing and dance in front of a truly huge number of watching adults is a phenomenal achievement, one many adults wouldn't be able to do! We are all exceptionally proud of them.

We've also enjoyed working with the Owls class this week, they had designed Christmas craft activities and worked hard to demonstrate and teach these to the Hedgehogs. We had lots of fun.

We've also been working on some lovely Christmas paintings to show in the Church, the children decided what they felt was important about Christmas and painted a picture of that.

So much Christmas fun!

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