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Hedgehogs Class

Image result for hedgehog appleThe Hedgehogs are a class of 15 Reception children who learn and have fun adventures with the help of Mrs Hyams, Mrs Linden and Mrs Burstow. 

Click here to see how to say the sounds correctly, this will help when reading or writing at home.  

This website explains how children are assessed in their first year at school. 
See an overview of this term's learning here.
Here is this term's home learning tree, pick a challenge each month!

The Oxford Owl site has some free e-books and games you may enjoy and look in the home-school link book for details of how to log into Bug Club for lots more great books and online games. This site shows you the key words we would like children to read on sight by the end of the year (and it has the Year 1 words for any super readers!). Some good early maths games and activities can be found here

See Distance learning ideas here:

While we are away from school, Mrs Hyams has set up a private facebook group called 'Hedgehogs Learning' for parents and carers. Please send a request to join. There is a dough disco video on it and a bedtime story with more to come.

Link to dough disco and phonics video

posted 7 Apr 2020, 05:02 by Karen Hyams

Dough disco.        
Phonics demo lesson

Easter Update

posted 7 Apr 2020, 04:59 by Karen Hyams

Just to let you know that I am planning the new learning for the Summer term and this will be uploaded next week. Please keep in touch on Tapestry or email me with any questions. Have a good Easter break. 

February 7th

posted 8 Feb 2020, 04:05 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 8 Feb 2020, 04:18 ]

This week we have been learning about more, less and equal amounts when comparing two groups of objects. We have also been learning our new sound, ‘v’ and consolidating our existing sounds. The children are starting to write more and are making the link between what they can say, they can write with the sounds they know. 
On Friday we had a visit from Tina, who rescues hedgehogs. The children asked vey good questions about hedgehogs and were very willing to tell Tina all the stories they had about hedgehogs and everything else! The best bit was that Tina brought in a hedgehog found at Sparkwell zoo who the Hedgehog Rescue  have named, Ellis. He was so cute and the children loved him.
Next week is our final week before half term. We have certainly done a lot in six weeks and the children will be ready for a well earned rest. 
Have a good weekend

Friday, 24th January

posted 23 Jan 2020, 11:59 by Karen Hyams


This week in Forest School, Hedgehogs class have been learning to tie knots with strawberry laces. Funnily enough, they were very motivated to learn quickly as they could then eat them afterwards! We also have started to look at birds, nests and think about the changing seasons.  Thank you for dressing the children up in so many layers. It may not seem too cold when we leave in the morning, but after an hour or so in the shaded woods the cold really does set in. Cold hands and feet are the most common complaints.
In our learning this week we have been learning number bonds to 10 and the children are making good progress on this. We are also nearing the end of our set 1 sounds and will start our set 2 sounds by half term. All children have started learning digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound). Next week we are looking at more and less (fewer), and subtracting single digit numbers in the context of shopping. In our project learning, we will continue to think about the changes we have had since being a baby and how our parents were younger once. A massive thank you for bringing in photos, baby toys and baby outfits etc . We have enjoyed discussing them and these have been beautiful moments we have shared as a class. Next week we will also begin to look at dinosaurs and Chinese New Year- phew, what a lot to fit in! 
Please note, due to timing issues Emily Martin was unable to do gymnastics with Hedgehogs this week. We are hoping we can sort something out soon. 
Have a good weekend.

Friday, 10th January

posted 10 Jan 2020, 12:53 by Karen Hyams

Happy new year! I hope you all had a restful and happy Christmas. The children have been very excited to come back and have been great fun this week.
Thank you all for supporting the children on coming in to class on their own. This has made such a big difference to the start of the day as the classroom is calmer and we have been able to start our learning much more quickly. All the children have seemed to take this well. 
Next week we have our parents project meeting where I will go through the plan and topic for this term. It would be lovely to see you there but all information will be on the Hedgehogs class page on the website. 
Hopefully the weather will get a bit drier over the next few months and we can play more outside. We were out for most of the day today and it made such a change for the children to be able to use the outside space and run around more. Sorry if they came home a little bit more dirty, but for some reason painting sticks seems to be a new craze sweeping Hedgehogs class!
On a final note with regards drinking of water. We offer a drink of water or milk at snack time, usually 10am, and children have another drink with their lunchtime meal. When children return from lunchtime play they are then asked to get their drinks bottle and have another drink. Water is accessible for all children during the day and cups are offered and accessible if they don’t have a drinks bottle. I will try my best to encourage children to drink more but please let them know they can go and get their drink whenever they want. Thank you.

Have a good weekend.

Monday, 25th November

posted 25 Nov 2019, 12:52 by Karen Hyams

It’s certainly going to be a busy few weeks. We will draw an end to our project on ‘what do people do all day’ this week. We would like to do a bit on teeth as we didn’t do the dental cleaning and it would be good for the children to go on the computers with me to research what kind of jobs they would like to do which we will hopefully do this week. 
The show is fast approaching and we have been busy learning all the Christmas songs. From next week, all our attention will be on the show and preparing for Christmas. The children are certainly getting tired so our plan is to keep them going by giving them lots of fun activities. Phonics will continue and our maths will focus on 2D and 3D shapes.
Tomorrow is our last Forest School but hopefully we will still use that time to focus on some outdoor learning. Thank you to Mrs Linden for giving Hedgehogs such a wonderful enriching Forest School this term and our support staff, Miss Harris and Miss Randle for coming along and braving the mud!

Friday, 8th November

posted 10 Nov 2019, 01:56 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 10 Nov 2019, 02:09 ]

The Hedgehogs have worked really hard this week as we are pushing on with our learning of phonics and beginning to blend and read words which is great.  We have also started to get dressed for PE which has been going well. I am pleased to say that all children are able to get dressed and undressed independently.  Some shoes and shorts have been mixed up but because these are so well labelled we were able to find their owners. 
Over the next few weeks, we will start to finish our project of ‘what do people do all day’. We have a few things left to do but we will finish by the end of November in preparation for Christmas. We have started to make decisions regarding the Christmas play and will let you know in due course what part your child will play. Generally children in reception do not have speaking parts but instead form part of a group dance. I hope to be able to discuss the parts with the children next week so they can decide which role they would like.
We were finally able to get into the woods last week for Forest School. The children really enjoyed it. Thank you for your support in making sure the children are ‘Forest school ready’. A gentle reminder that long hair needs to be tied up as we do light fires. Hats and gloves are also really useful as the weather becomes colder. 
On another note, we have decided not to go ahead with the tooth brushing project. The dental team have only just got back to us to organise this and we felt at this late stage in the term it would involve too much time out of the classroom for me, and too much interruption to children’s learning. We will however still plan a session on oral health. 
Please feel free to see me about any issues with your children’s learning.

Have a good weekend.  

Friday, October 11th

posted 13 Oct 2019, 03:09 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 13 Oct 2019, 03:13 ]

We have finally come to the end of a very tiring half term for our new Hedgehogs. It’s very hard to start school immediately on a full time basis so the fact they have all done it is a major accomplishment. They are all certainly ready for a break now though!
We have started phonics and will continue this for most of the month we return. We will also begin to close our topic of, ‘what people do all day?’ by looking at the jobs the children would like to do. 
We are still trying to sort out our trips for this term as unfortunately we have not heard back from one of the places but hopefully we can sort something out soon.  We want to go out  before we start thinking about Christmas but we’ll do our best.
The children finished this half term with Apple Day and harvest festival. Thank you to those parents that were able to attend these events. The children enjoyed both events and were extremely well behaved in the church. Their rendition of Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow was much quieter than our rehearsals but hopefully you could hear it! I’m sure they were singing it loudly at home!

Have a well earned rest and see you on the 28th October.

Friday, 27th September

posted 27 Sep 2019, 12:03 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 6 Oct 2019, 06:57 ]


For the last two weeks we have focussed our attention on 'what people do all day'. We have discussed what the children's parents do for their jobs as well as looking at the work of vets and doctors. We will continue this further in the next few weeks by looking at firefighters, police,  postal workers and people who work in hospitals as well as the children's own choice of job they would like to find out more about. We have enjoyed this learning so far and the children have really found this really interesting. it's been lovely to see the children dressing up and pretending to bandage each other's arms in our doctors role play this week. 
We have started our phonics learning. If you go on the Read, Write Inc website, you can see the order we learn the sounds. So far we have learnt, 'm', 'a', and 's', so next week we will begin learning,'d' and 't'. we are going very slowly as I want the children to thoroughly know these sounds before we progress further. 
We will be busy preparing for harvest festival now and also look forward to our first zoo visit next week. Don't forget parent's evenings will be on for the next couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you there and discussing how well your children have settled in. 
Have a good weekend.

Friday 13th September

posted 15 Sep 2019, 01:17 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 19 Sep 2019, 13:23 ]

Welcome to our first blog of the year!
It has been a tiring first full week for some of our hedgehogs but everyone is settling in very well and the children are understanding the routines and expectations of school. 
Our learning will continue to be very play based but as the weeks go by, we will introduce phonics learning and will focus on a number each week. We have started using the Cbeebies show,  'Numberblocks' this term. Please go on their website to familiarise yourself with it if you're unsure as there are games on there as well as some of the episodes.
Forest School this week was very enjoyable and they seemed to have the energy to walk much further than we thought! Mrs Linden is our wonderful Forest School Leader and leads our sessions. She also has the children all afternoon whilst I am on my PPA time, (planning time out of the classroom). Mrs Burstow is also in the classroom during this time. 
Tapestry should be up and running next week. I will try to upload at least one record of learning each week. Please share anything your child does at home or any trips, holidays etc that have enriched your child's learning experiences. We love to see them.
It's been lovely to get to know all the lovely new parents, (and grandparents) this year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss something.
See you Monday  

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