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Image result for hedgehog appleThe Hedgehogs are a class of 15 Reception children who learn and have fun adventures with the help of Mrs Hyams and Mrs Burstow. 

Click here to see how to say the sounds correctly, this will help when reading or writing at home.  

This website explains how children       
are assessed in their first year at school. 
See an overview of this term's learning here.
Here is this term's home learning tree, pick a challenge each month!
The Oxford Owl site has some free e-books and games you may enjoy and look in the home-school link book for details of how to log into Bug Club for lots more great books and online games. This site shows you the key words we would like children to read on sight by the end of the year (and it has the Year 1 words for any super readers!). Some good early maths games and activities can be found here

Friday, 8th November

posted 10 Nov 2019, 01:56 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 10 Nov 2019, 02:09 ]

The Hedgehogs have worked really hard this week as we are pushing on with our learning of phonics and beginning to blend and read words which is great.  We have also started to get dressed for PE which has been going well. I am pleased to say that all children are able to get dressed and undressed independently.  Some shoes and shorts have been mixed up but because these are so well labelled we were able to find their owners. 
Over the next few weeks, we will start to finish our project of ‘what do people do all day’. We have a few things left to do but we will finish by the end of November in preparation for Christmas. We have started to make decisions regarding the Christmas play and will let you know in due course what part your child will play. Generally children in reception do not have speaking parts but instead form part of a group dance. I hope to be able to discuss the parts with the children next week so they can decide which role they would like.
We were finally able to get into the woods last week for Forest School. The children really enjoyed it. Thank you for your support in making sure the children are ‘Forest school ready’. A gentle reminder that long hair needs to be tied up as we do light fires. Hats and gloves are also really useful as the weather becomes colder. 
On another note, we have decided not to go ahead with the tooth brushing project. The dental team have only just got back to us to organise this and we felt at this late stage in the term it would involve too much time out of the classroom for me, and too much interruption to children’s learning. We will however still plan a session on oral health. 
Please feel free to see me about any issues with your children’s learning.

Have a good weekend.  

Friday, October 11th

posted 13 Oct 2019, 03:09 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 13 Oct 2019, 03:13 ]

We have finally come to the end of a very tiring half term for our new Hedgehogs. It’s very hard to start school immediately on a full time basis so the fact they have all done it is a major accomplishment. They are all certainly ready for a break now though!
We have started phonics and will continue this for most of the month we return. We will also begin to close our topic of, ‘what people do all day?’ by looking at the jobs the children would like to do. 
We are still trying to sort out our trips for this term as unfortunately we have not heard back from one of the places but hopefully we can sort something out soon.  We want to go out  before we start thinking about Christmas but we’ll do our best.
The children finished this half term with Apple Day and harvest festival. Thank you to those parents that were able to attend these events. The children enjoyed both events and were extremely well behaved in the church. Their rendition of Dingle, Dangle Scarecrow was much quieter than our rehearsals but hopefully you could hear it! I’m sure they were singing it loudly at home!

Have a well earned rest and see you on the 28th October.

Friday, 27th September

posted 27 Sep 2019, 12:03 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 6 Oct 2019, 06:57 ]


For the last two weeks we have focussed our attention on 'what people do all day'. We have discussed what the children's parents do for their jobs as well as looking at the work of vets and doctors. We will continue this further in the next few weeks by looking at firefighters, police,  postal workers and people who work in hospitals as well as the children's own choice of job they would like to find out more about. We have enjoyed this learning so far and the children have really found this really interesting. it's been lovely to see the children dressing up and pretending to bandage each other's arms in our doctors role play this week. 
We have started our phonics learning. If you go on the Read, Write Inc website, you can see the order we learn the sounds. So far we have learnt, 'm', 'a', and 's', so next week we will begin learning,'d' and 't'. we are going very slowly as I want the children to thoroughly know these sounds before we progress further. 
We will be busy preparing for harvest festival now and also look forward to our first zoo visit next week. Don't forget parent's evenings will be on for the next couple of weeks and I look forward to seeing you there and discussing how well your children have settled in. 
Have a good weekend.

Friday 13th September

posted 15 Sep 2019, 01:17 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 19 Sep 2019, 13:23 ]

Welcome to our first blog of the year!
It has been a tiring first full week for some of our hedgehogs but everyone is settling in very well and the children are understanding the routines and expectations of school. 
Our learning will continue to be very play based but as the weeks go by, we will introduce phonics learning and will focus on a number each week. We have started using the Cbeebies show,  'Numberblocks' this term. Please go on their website to familiarise yourself with it if you're unsure as there are games on there as well as some of the episodes.
Forest School this week was very enjoyable and they seemed to have the energy to walk much further than we thought! Mrs Linden is our wonderful Forest School Leader and leads our sessions. She also has the children all afternoon whilst I am on my PPA time, (planning time out of the classroom). Mrs Burstow is also in the classroom during this time. 
Tapestry should be up and running next week. I will try to upload at least one record of learning each week. Please share anything your child does at home or any trips, holidays etc that have enriched your child's learning experiences. We love to see them.
It's been lovely to get to know all the lovely new parents, (and grandparents) this year. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you wish to discuss something.
See you Monday  

July 19th

posted 19 Jul 2019, 13:33 by Karen Hyams

The end is in sight! We have started to feel quite tired now with a school trip that arrived back late, movie night, parent drop in, class assembly and auditions for Sparkwell’s Got Talent all happening in the last week! Next week should be less tiring but there is a school trip to the zoo on Monday to do first!
I have been busy doing nursery and home visits this week. It has made me feel quite nostalgic about my current Hedgehogs and made me realise just how big they are now and how much we have done. I will miss them and wish them all the best for their new class. My new intake look so small and are both excited and nervous in equal measure! It will be lovely for the new intake and the current Hedgehogs to meet at the zoo on Monday. 
Have a good weekend.

8th July

posted 8 Jul 2019, 14:45 by Karen Hyams

So much has gone on in the last few weeks it has been difficult to keep up with things! The children are all getting ready for next year now and we’ve had some successful transition days. They have all enjoyed their time in Miss Sparkes class and come back telling me about all the fun they have had. On Tuesday we have a ‘meet the teacher’ session after school so any parents who have not met Miss Sparkes yet, can come along and meet her and see the classroom. 
We also have our school trip this week. Please ensure that children come to school with sun cream on as there won’t be much time in the morning for us to do this. Please also make sure they have a drinks bottle in school as this allows the children to take drinks outside. It is not always easy to carry jugs and cups out with us. 
We are busy preparing for our end of year assembly (details coming soon), so we will be having a nostalgic look on how much we have learnt and how much we’ve grown! It seems such a long time ago they started school and now they are going to be Year Ones!

14th June

posted 16 Jun 2019, 03:16 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 16 Jun 2019, 07:16 ]

Welcome back to school! It doesn’t feel like we’ve been back for 2 weeks as our days always seem to fly by! This week we have had our teddy bear’s picnic. Unfortunately, the weather was not good enough for us to actually have the picnic in the woods, but we enjoyed a welly walk and then some teddy related activities. Lots of photos to come. 
We have also done our first moving up day. This was very successful and none of the Hedgehogs found this a daunting experience. We have another one on Monday afternoon. Over the next few weeks they will be plenty of these opportunities to get to know their new classmates. 
This week I will be sending home a note asking what technology your child is capable of using at home. This may be something as simple as them being able to turn on an iPad and select their own games and apps or using a device such as an Alexa.  This is part of my assessments for your child on how they are able to use technology and if they know what different types of technology do. I am aware some children do not use iPads, laptops etc but I am only interested in whether your child has the ability to do so and whether you have seen them do this. In school, all children have used laptops and iPads but the assessment asks for technology around the home. Your help with this is appreciated.
 We look forward to some very busy weeks ahead. Well done to all the children that have received a rainbow challenge certificate. These are awarded to children who complete all their learning challenges in the week (a writing, maths, art or design and a science or ICT based challenge as well as good tidying up!). The number of children completing them goes up each week. It would be great if all children get one this week!

Half term!

posted 27 May 2019, 01:13 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 27 May 2019, 07:08 ]

Although it’s been the shortest term, Hedgehogs have once again filled every minute with busy learning opportunities, days out and lots of outside play. The weather being good really makes a big difference to how we play outside and there has been several occasions where Squirrels and Hedgehogs have played together outside. This benefits Hedgehogs as they learn so much from their older friends and Squirrels gain a sense of responsibility in helping them gaining new skills. 
As it is getting warmer, please could you put sun cream on your child before coming to school. We do try and ensure they keep out the sun on really sunny days but if they have a hat and some cream on or some in school, it helps us to keep them safe in the sun. Thank you. 
We look forward to another busy term, preparing he children for their next stage in their school journey.  I will also be busy report writing and doing the children’s final assessments. Please come and see me if there’s anything about your child’s learning you would like to discuss. 
Have a happy half term. We look forward to seeing the children all refreshed and eager for their final term! 


Friday, 10th May

posted 10 May 2019, 07:17 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 11 May 2019, 12:02 by Francesca McLoughlin ]

This week we returned to school after our long weekend to a Forest school day. Unfortunately, Mrs Linden was poorly and that meant Forest School on site was not the same and we were unable to do our musical instruments. Thank you for bringing in some tubes and boxes. Mrs Linden is better now and we will aim to do the musical instruments next week. 
This week we had a visit from the RNLI to talk to us about beach safety and what the different safety flags mean.  I was amazed how much Hedgehogs class knew already and they were inspired to base much of their play this week around beach rescue. 
Finally this week we also had a visit from Olivia’s kittens! They were all super cute and the children could not contain their excitement especially when two of them were running around the classroom! The kittens seemed exhausted afterwards so went back in their box for a well earned rest.  After they had gone,  the children then wrote and drew lots of kitten pictures. 
Have a good weekend.


Welcome to the Summer Term!

posted 30 Apr 2019, 07:06 by Karen Hyams

Hello and welcome back.
This term is going to be a very long and busy one. We have lots of exciting and fun things planned which I hope the children will find interesting. Our question this term is, 'what are summers for?' Our new topic overview and our new Home Learning Tree are now on the website for you to see.  Please feel free to upload your photos and descriptions of what learning and enriching things you do with your child especially if you are out and about enjoying the warmer weather by camping, going to the beach or just having a day out.
We are doing Tag ruby for the next few weeks and then continuing with our PE scheme so if PE kits could stay in school please. Thank you. 
Forest school continues to be on a Tuesday and today we had lovely weather and enjoyed some delicious wild garlic bread. 
Please come and see me with any concerns. Although this term will be about having fun in the warmer weather, it is also about getting prepared for Year One too. 

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