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Hedgehogs Class

Image result for hedgehog appleThe Hedgehogs are a class of 15 Reception children who learn and have fun adventures with the help of Mrs Hyams and Mrs Oldroyd. 

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The Oxford Owl site has some free e-books and games you may enjoy and look in the home-school link book for details of how to log into Bug Club for lots more great books and online games. This site shows you the key words we would like children to read on sight by the end of the year (and it has the Year 1 words for any super readers!). Some good early maths games and activities can be found here

Friday, 21st September

posted 21 Sep 2018, 12:03 by Karen Hyams


This week the children have learnt the sounds, ‘i’  and ‘t’ and have started blending. This is when children sound out each individual sound in a word to read or spell the word. We are using the sounds we have learnt so far to sound out 3 letter vowel, consonant, vowel words- known as CVC words. It is early days and we have only done this twice but we will continue this daily in the next few weeks.
In Forest School this week we were mushroom investigators. We were looking out for mushrooms and identifying them using our mushroom identification sheet. Unfortunately we didn’t see as many different types as we had hoped, but we had a lovely walk and collected leaves and conkers!
On Thursday we had a visit from Paula Clough who is teaching us a new programme of PE. She has given the teachers training on it so we can start the Real PE programme with our own classes. The children absolutely loved their first PE session and enjoyed the moves and games she taught them. They were all so tired when we returned that we turned the lights off, got the cushions and blankets out, and the children lied down for a story!
Today is apple day. As sparkwell’s emblem is an apple, the whole school have been involved in doing activities involving apples. This has included making apple juice, apple maths, apple bobbing and  lacing our paper plate apples. All this and the guinea pigs escaped! They are both back safe and sound after their big run around the football field! A lovely day was had by all.
Can I ask that book bags come in to school every day from now on? I do apologise that information regarding the reading books and book bags has been confusing so hopefully if they are in every day we can change the books and send any information out in the Home School Link Books more quickly. 

Friday 14th September

posted 14 Sep 2018, 04:48 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 15 Sep 2018, 12:03 by Francesca McLoughlin ]

Air ambulance, forests, baking and drumming!

Well, they should be tired this week!
On Monday we had a visit from Tony from the Air ambulance. Hedgehogs class found this very interesting and were inspired to make and colour in helicopters when they returned to class. 
On Tuesday we had our first session of Forest School. The weather was wet but the children seemed to find that all the more exciting! They enjoyed playing in the trees and making dens and especially eating the biscuits. As I explained at the parents meeting on Wednesday, in a couple of weeks time we will be joined by five of the oldest children from Little Orchard Nursery for our Forest School sessions. They will be accompanied by two members of their own staff. 
On Wednesday, we made some blackberry and white chocolate ‘crumbles’ as the children had picked some blackberries at Forest School. Thankfully there were some left to offer parents at the meeting. Thank you to the parents who came along, please ask if you have any further questions. 

Finally on Thursday we had an African drum lesson. The children really enjoyed this and answered the questions and showed excellent listening skills. They all played the drums well and some could keep a good rhythm. Two children even had a go at conducting us on the drums! This was followed by some woodwork in the afternoon. John is a volunteer who comes into the School to do wood work skills with the children. I am very impressed with the little buses they are making and I’m sure you will be too. On top of all this, we have begun our phonics sessions and this week we have learnt the sounds, m, s, a, and d.
No wonder we had a few children resting their heads this week!
Have a good weekend.

Friday, 7th September, 2018

posted 8 Sep 2018, 14:01 by Francesca McLoughlin

What a first week it has been!  All the new children have settled in really well to Sparkwell and their new class. They are all so confident that they even went to the Sparkwell 5th birthday assembly on Friday! 
Mrs Oldroyd and myself are making sure the children feel safe and happy and just enjoy coming to school. We will slowly start to introduce phonics and numeracy skills over the next week but we will go at the children's pace. It is such a privilege to have your lovely children in my first class.  A big thank you to all the parents for your messages of support in my new role and making me feel so welcome. 
Just a reminder....
Forest school begins on Tuesday so please ensure children have wellies and waterproof outdoor wear. We have some spares if you need them. Lidl are selling the children's waterproofs and wellies next week (Thursday, 13th September), so look out for them.
On Wednesday, Hedgehogs class will be having a parents welcome meeting. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the learning this term and ask any questions. 
Wishing you all a good weekend. 

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