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Hedgehogs Class

Image result for hedgehog appleThe Hedgehogs are a class of 15 Reception children who learn and have fun adventures with the help of Mrs Hyams and Miss Harris. 

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The Oxford Owl site has some free e-books and games you may enjoy and look in the home-school link book for details of how to log into Bug Club for lots more great books and online games. This site shows you the key words we would like children to read on sight by the end of the year (and it has the Year 1 words for any super readers!). Some good early maths games and activities can be found here

Friday 1st March

posted 1 Mar 2019, 12:17 by Karen Hyams

What a week! I don't mind telling you that I am very glad it's Friday! The move on Tuesday was very tiring but it was all worth it when the children ran into the classroom on the Wednesday so excited, smiling and wanted to investigate everything! We were very lucky that on our first day in the new classroom we also had beautiful weather which meant we could open the doors. It felt like we were on holiday! The atmosphere in the classroom was amazing and seeing their little faces so happy made my week.  We need to work on tidying up after ourselves but we will get there....eventually.
 A huge thank you to the parents that helped set up on Tuesday.  It made the day much easier for me.
Have a good weekend.


Friday, February 15th

posted 15 Feb 2019, 12:49 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 19 Feb 2019, 09:38 ]


This week has been a week of clearing and preparing to move into our new classroom. The children have been very helpful in clearing the outdoors area and helping Miss Harris and Mrs Hyams in packing things in boxes and organising our resources. Our new classroom looks lovely and all being well we aim to be moving on the first Tuesday back with the children using the classroom for the first time on the Wednesday. Very exciting!
As Forest School was at school this week, we decided to make Chinese food and celebrate Chinese New Year. We decorated chinese lanterns and made a vegetable stir fry with hoisin sauce, ginger and garlic. I think we all agreed it tasted delicious despite the huge chunks of garlic and ginger!
We are looking forward to a fresh start in our new classroom. The children are now half way through their reception year so Miss Harris, and I will be supporting the children in encouraging them to be more independent and to take more responsibility for their learning from now on. We have already started to see a growing maturity amongst our hedgehogs and lots of fantastic independent learning. 
As you may be aware, Mrs Oldroyd is sadly leaving us so the first week back will be her last in Hedgehogs.  I know the children will miss her lots. 

Have a good half term. 

Friday, 25th January

posted 26 Jan 2019, 13:30 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 26 Jan 2019, 13:34 ]

This week has been quite the week! As you know, we had Ofsted pay us a visit this week. Hedgehogs class were out at Forest School for the morning whilst they were here so we didn’t see the lady much, however all the children were very well behaved and gave a very good impression of our lovely school.
Forest school was a wet session this week. Despite all the rain, the stream was empty but the children made the most of what little water there was by jumping over the stream and getting very muddy. By the end, we had a few very cold hands but these were soon warmed up with a hot squash and a biscuit. We did some excellent measuring whilst there finding out the distance we could jump between the banks and how tall the children are when compared to the trees!
Most of the Hedgehogs have attended their first clubs this week. I know the children in my Tinkering Club really enjoyed it and I think the others did too. Thank you for sending in a little snack for them to have after school. They all needed a little something to keep them going until the end.
I have also been on a visit this week finding out how other EYFS settings do things. I have some great ideas I would like to put into practice for when we move into our new classroom. I was taken around the new classroom today and it looks lovely. It feels like a holiday lodge as it has sliding doors leading out to a verandah which overlooks the forest! I think we will be very happy there, especially when it’s warm and sunny!
Have a good weekend.

Friday, 11th January

posted 11 Jan 2019, 11:20 by Karen Hyams

Happy new year! Welcome to the first blog of the year. 
Thank you to the parents who came to our parents meeting tonight. All information regarding the term is on the website as well as the home learning. Please ask if you have any questions.  I hope to make this term enjoyable for the children and ensure they have as much fun as possible while learning. Our question for this term is, 'where would be a good place to play?'. The focus for this question will be looking at our local area and will therefore be mainly geography and science based. 
Next week is Arts Week so Hedgehogs will be working with a local artist as well as exploring dramatic arts, poetry and learning about different artists. Forest School also starts again next week and then clubs will begin the week after so lots going on for the children to look forward to!
Have a good weekend.

Friday, December 7th

posted 7 Dec 2018, 11:40 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 7 Dec 2018, 12:03 ]


This week, Hedgehogs class has become Santa’s workshop. The children have dressed up as elves and have been doing all the jobs that elves do. This has included toy designing, wrapping presents and making toys. This has helped in our numeracy skills this week which has involved looking at 3D and 2D shapes. 
In phonics we have looked at the sounds, ‘y’ and ‘x’  as well as writing our letters to Father Christmas. 
On Thursday afternoon we went to the theatre and the children thoroughly enjoyed it. Their faces were a delight to see. It’s no wonder we had some sleepy children on the way home. Even today they have been very tired but we still made time to decorate gingerbread men and make sugar cube igloos!
Have a good weekend

Friday, 23rd November

posted 22 Nov 2018, 07:58 by Karen Hyams

Well, the week has certainly flown by and next week we are in our final week of our theme on Leafman to be then replaced with Stickman! As you know, there is a very special character in 'Stickman' so we didn't want to get ahead of ourselves and the children to peak too soon with their excitement. Next week is also our last Forest School for the year. We will still see our nursery friends for the Christmas meal and hopefully they will pop in to see us for Christmas drinks and nibbles and gift giving.  
Just to let you know that PE day is a Friday. We usually go down to the Old School for this. I was very pleased that when we did PE last all the children had their kit. It is much better to leave it in school and the same goes for forest school clothes. We often go out as and when we can.

In maths this week, children have been focussing on addition of 2 single digit numbers. This concept does take a bit of time so we will do this until Christmas. In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds, 'j', 'sh' and 'r'. I also pleased to say that all the children have started blending their sounds and we even did this in front of Mrs McLoughlin and Luna! Luna was so impressed she gave us a present and a special doggy sticker. I've heard these are very rare indeed!
Don't forget arts and crafts afternoon on Friday 30th November. Please come along and make something lovely and Christmassy with your child. If they have older siblings, they can all come into Hedgehogs class so you don't have to split yourself between different classes.  
Have a good weekend.
Karen Hyams

Friday, 9th November

posted 9 Nov 2018, 13:04 by Karen Hyams

This week we have enjoyed our first full week back. Not only have we had a craft day and made vegetable soup on the fire at Forest School, we also looked at celebrations and celebrated our own Diwali. We all enjoyed dressing up and finding out a bit more about other cultures and religions.
We finished the week by doing an energetic PE lesson and started to think about Christmas and what parts the children would like to do in the Christmas nativity. A letter will be sent out next week regarding costumes. Thank you for your continued support with your children's learning especially their reading, phonics and numeracy skills. It's lovely to see so much put on Tapestry and the varied places they go and the enriching experiences they have.

12th October

posted 12 Oct 2018, 13:28 by Karen Hyams

This week we have done so much! We had harvest festival on Monday where the children showed off the art work they have been doing and sang ‘Dingle Dangle Scarecrow’. They all enjoyed performing and I was very proud of them all. 
On Tuesday we played outside for most of the day which was just as well considering the awful weather at the end of the week. We collected some woodland items from the woods then returned to the school for hot chocolate and marshmallows. We put up a tent and the children just enjoyed taking some of their learning outside. 
As it has been Healthy Sparkwell week, the children made fruit squash using water and chopped fruit and fruit kebabs with Mrs Oldroyd. We have also talked about the importance of getting a good nights sleep and looked at where our food comes from - whether it comes from a plant or an animal and looked at different food groups. The children were very knowledgeable about their food. 
As you can imagine,by the time we got to the zoo visit, all the hedgehogs were very tired and the excitement of going on the coach quickly turned into a need for a sit down and a biscuit! We did have a lovely afternoon and playing on the tyres in the play area was possibly the hilight of the afternoon!
 I am exhausted so the children certainly must be. Looking forward to seeing them again after a much needed rest for us all!
Have a great half term.

Friday, 5th October

posted 5 Oct 2018, 13:10 by Karen Hyams   [ updated 6 Oct 2018, 00:55 ]

Another busy week has flown by! This week we have turned our focus to harvest festival. We have explored what it's about and used vegetables from our harvest display to create printing patterns and some investigations! We have even made a wheatsheaf out of salt dough. We also went down to the Old School this week to do some art work. We have tried to paint Autumn trees in the style of the artist, Leonid Afremov. This involved using a series of paint flecks to create the effect of leaves. The children absolutely loved painting and all said it was it the best thing!
We were once again joined by Little Orchard for our Forest School. We all had a really lovely morning. The children made leaf crowns and wooden necklaces using the electric drill which they all did competently with minimal support. It is so endearing to see how happy they are in the woods and how welcome they have made our nursery friends. 
As we head into our final week before half term, here are a few reminders:
Harvest festival is on Monday afternoon at 1.45pm. Please join us if you can.
The final parents evening is on Tuesday 3.30 -6.30pm. Thank you to all the parents who attended on Thursday. It was lovely to be able to show you and tell you how well your children are doing. 
Finally we have our zoo day on Thursday. Details in this week's newsletter. 
Have a great weekend

Friday, 28th September

posted 28 Sep 2018, 10:11 by Karen Hyams


This week we were joined by Little Orchard Nursery for our Forest School. We all enjoyed having them with us. Hedgehogs were very kind to our new nursery friends and we showed them all the fun things we do and the lovely things we eat when we are in the woods. This week we had chocolate biscuits and hot chocolate! The chocolate biscuits were a special treat as we had earned enough sparkly jewels to fill a jar! The hedgehogs received sparkly jewels for good learning and kind behaviour but we will predominantly use the apple colours from now on to reward good deeds. 
We are doing great with our phonics having learnt, 'p', 'g' and 'n' this week and continuing to blend sounds. All children are making good progress and I look forward to showing you your child's book and letting you know how they're getting on in the parent's evening next week. Parents evening is also the following week. Please see the newsletter for further details. 
Finally this week we had a visit from the RSPB. The children enjoyed listening to the story and then went on a minibeast hunt around the garden. They found collecting bugs a lot of fun. I on the other hand found it all a bit scary!
Have a good weekend.

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