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Hedgehogs Class

We are a Foundation Class of 15 children. Mr Crawford, Mrs Oldroyd and Miss Mildren help us with our learning and look after us. We have lots of fun and we like learning inside and outside. 

Click here to watch a video of how to say the phonic sounds correctly and here  to watch an information video for parents. 
Click here for Mr Crawford's youtube videos.
- Take a look here at the look here Autumn term learning overview.
- See the home learning tree for the Autumn Term here.
- Watch a shortened version of the parents meeting presentation here.

Another exciting week!

posted 29 Sep 2017, 08:02 by Stephen Crawford

What an exciting week we have had again in Hedgehog class!
  • We started the week with a look at our new special book; The Gruffalo, and explored making Gruffalo hats and going for a Gruffalo walk in the woods.
  • We've worked on 'eights and loops' as part of our Write Dance story as flowers have grown all around the Write Dance people.
  • We've had special visitors from a Paramedic and a Nurse and had lots of fun exploring hospitals and medicine.
  • We've even discovered the school's own real life Gruffalo-type creature in the form of Miss Martin, the Chalk Monster! She has been stealing our class chalks and we've been making traps to catch and stop her.
  • Finally, we've also been blessed to receive a wonderful gift from a parent of last year's class; a lovely outdoor kitchen play unit. Thank you!!!!!!
It's always such an adventure in hedgehogs class... I wonder what 'Our Story' will be next week...

More Hedgehog fun

posted 22 Sep 2017, 13:58 by Stephen Crawford

It's been another lovely week in Hedgehogs class.
We have continued our learning about The Three Little Pigs by working on expressing the story ourselves in plays and productions. You can see videos of some of these on your child's Tapestry account.
We have also been learning a bit about 'Leafman' in our forest school time, and had lots of fun creating our own leafmen following this.
This week we built upon our first phonics sounds by looking at four d,t,i and n, and practicing more blending. Tim was very pleased we could now write his name as well as Sam's.
We've looked at numicon some more and challenged ourselves in games with it, we've expanded our look at pace in music last week to consider different instruments for specific events or actions in a story, we've explored and learning about robot-bees and we've developed our abilities to respond with our bodies to varying musical styles in PE! So much fun in just one week!

We have also been introduced to 'Teach your monster to read', a fun game-based way of consolidating phonics learning and developing listening skills. You can access this at home as well, and continue with the same account and monster they have made in class. To do so, follow this link and then type in their first name (first name, space, and first letter of surname if there are two children with the same name in the class). 

Next week we will be starting the week with a Gruffalo-focused Monday Forest school session and continue thinking about this story for the rest of the fortnight.

Week 2

posted 15 Sep 2017, 04:40 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 15 Sep 2017, 04:41 ]

What fantastic fun and learning we are having in Hedgehogs class.
Things have already diverged and changed based on the children's interests and explorations and we love it that way!

This week we have started to explore the Three Little Pigs as a response to lots of building and enclosing activities from our first week. We've also been exploring the next stages of the Write Dance people as the fog slowly lifts to a calm and slow exploration of strange animals.
This week we've also had lots of roleplay about the police, we've had our first PE session, our first phonics sessions, our first forest school trip and even our first drumming lesson!
So many firsts!

Next week we will continue to explore the three little pigs, start to see what happens next to the write dance people, explore more phonemes and graphemes with Tim and... and... well, we don't know it all yet... lets see what the class decides...

Our first day

posted 5 Sep 2017, 12:39 by Stephen Crawford

What a lovely first day of school we had!
Mrs Oldroyd and I both commented on how ready, calm, engaged and happy the children were today, they are a credit to you!
We have had lots of experiences already and have been exploring different routines and rules of the day alongside various fun activities and challenges.
We have met Sam the puppet who helped us learn 4 key carpet time listening/speaking rules.
We have explored balancing and self-initiated collaborative building challenges.
We've roleplayed with peers and made Mr Crawford copious amounts of tea!
We've read our reading books, opened a present from Mrs McLoughlin and Luna (the dog), done a writing challenge with Mr Crawford, built marble runs, painted, played cops and robbers, dressed up, relaxed with a book, built towers and so much more!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow, I hope you are too!


posted 9 Aug 2017, 02:29 by Stephen Crawford

Here is a little "Goodbye" video from Mr Crawford, Tim and Lex. We will still see you when you are big Squirrels though, don't worry!

Class assembly

posted 17 Jul 2017, 09:02 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 17 Jul 2017, 09:04 ]

We were very brave to stand up to sing and talk in front of friends and adults today in our end of year class assembly. If you want to refresh your memory, please see our "What we enjoyed" video below which was shown at the end of the assembly.

Hedgehogs Assembly 2017

Some more interesting weeks

posted 16 Jul 2017, 12:45 by Stephen Crawford

We've had some more fun and excitement in Hedgehogs recently. The children have really enjoyed the space explorations we have done and so we extended that idea for an extra week. We ended up teaching Bob how to build rockets with the workbench using wood and nails, and also with bottles. We even taught Bob how to experiment with different solutions to make the best rocket fuel. We tested these with little yellow testpilots! Bob learned so much that he has now been able to construct his own rocket and has set off for his journey back to his home planet. We will miss him, but we know he will have lots of fun back home.

We have also been talking a lot about both a class assembly and the upcoming talent show! We've had lots of ideas on what to do for both and hopefully you will enjoy the things we show at the assembly and the children will enjoy the things they see from their own class and the older classes in the talent show.

Get your tents ready...

posted 23 Jun 2017, 00:13 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 23 Jun 2017, 00:15 ]

We had great fun with first attempts at a story-making iPad app this week, and the class enjoyed it so much that they've decided to work on them some more and try to add this to their plans for an upcoming assembly closer to the end of term.
We have also been working on story-mapping and recalling the Blue Penguin story which we have enjoyed so much over this term.
This week we continued to explore 'flying things' and looked at superheros (as big Squirrels!), flying animals at the zoo and a few more flying machines.
At the zoo we explored birds and discussed why some of them could fly, but we also had a really good "big cat" trip; it was so sunny that lots of them were out and about and it was great to see Lynx, a Jaguar and tigers up close.

Some of us are going camping at 'SparkFest' this weekend, I look forward to seeing you there!

Fun fun fun!

posted 16 Jun 2017, 05:50 by Stephen Crawford

We've had another busy week at Sparkwell School!
This week we have been exploring "flying things" including alicorns (flying unicorns, though you should know this!), and paper airplanes. We enjoyed a competition to see who could make a plane that could fly the furthest.
We've also enjoyed competition in our sports day practicing and the real event itself. The children all worked really hard and had been learning all the rules and ideas behind sportsmanship beforehand, they have all done so well.
We've also had a den day with some children exploring activities at forest school and others working with dens and sand/water activities at main school.
Lots and lots of fun!

A lovely start to our last term as Hedgehogs

posted 8 Jun 2017, 13:14 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 8 Jun 2017, 13:39 ]

Its been great to have so many of the children back in class this week and we have had a great time settling back into our learning.
We've been enjoying a Chocolate factory in our "passion" role play area this week and have invented lots of new and exciting sweets and chocolate bars!
This week we also had our first read of the whole of our Blue Penguin book, it's taken us since Easter to get to the end of the book and find out what Blue Penguin will do! Very exciting.
We've also had a special afternoon as Squirrels with Miss Sparkes where we had lots of fun activities and experienced some impression of our new adventures starting soon. The class were very excited!

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