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Hedgehogs Class

We are a Foundation Class of 15 children. Mr Crawford, Mrs Oldroyd and Miss Mildren help us with our learning and look after us. We have lots of fun and we like learning inside and outside. 

Click here to watch a video of how to say the phonic sounds correctly and here  to watch an information video for parents. 
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End of year video

posted 19 Jul 2018, 07:38 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 19 Jul 2018, 07:42 ]

Here is the end of year video for Hedgehogs 2017-2018, in case you were not able to attend the assembly (or just want to watch it again!).

The selection of pictures were all chosen based on comments children in the class made when thinking reflective about their year as Hedgehogs.


posted 13 Jul 2018, 00:08 by Stephen Crawford

On Thursday this week, we had some rather alarming morning news. Some of the Hedgehogs were holding class puppets and it turned out that none of them had had any breakfast! During phonics, we also found out that Tim had not eaten breakfast today either. We didn't feel this was right and so all dropped our planned activities and set about to correct this terrible mishap!
The children selected jobs from waiter/waitress, hosts (positioning puppets and setting the tables) and cooks. This sort of child-initiated interest and focus is exactly what learning should be like and it was fantastic to see every single child in the class working on this imaginative play with extremely high levels of engagement right up until the point we were asked to stop.
Children also found notepads to write down orders and pass them through to the kitchen, counting and sorting food items to make sure they were shared correctly between puppets, using the appropriate language for their setting and reading the writing of their peers when looking at order slips. The class continued to develop their ideas and we also had managers who were monitoring other children's work and writing reports on them on how well they were doing their jobs!
When Mr Crawford realised he had not had breakfast either, things got very lively and the cafe almost had to close as we ran out of sausages! Thankfully, some managers stepped in to buy some more and we could continue.
The class even thought about tidying up at the end, finding brooms to clean the cafe.

Sadly we had to close the cafe before the class would have liked and sent the puppets home due to some VIP visitors.... it was snack time and we served each other! The class split into two with half managing the cafe and half eating, then rotated after. We had perfected our cafe roles by this time and even made sure that our customers paid the correct amount of money at the end.

Such a lovely cafe experience full of fantastic learning!


posted 3 Jul 2018, 04:48 by Stephen Crawford

Many of Hedgehogs class enjoyed a camping experience during Sparkfest this weekend, but not all of us.
To share the camping fun with all some of us worked on constructing a den or 'tent' in the forest on Monday.
When we got back to class we found strange metal things on the floor and we realised these must be tent pegs. Exploring further we discovered a tent in the room!
The children worked together to unpack the tent and think about how it might be put up. They persevered to pin down pegs and lay out the pieces they needed and, after a LOT of teamwork, they managed to erect our own Hedgehog's tent!
After this, a few of us wanted to keep building and a wooden tent was constructed from blocks and beams, as well as a layout of a tent to sleep in inside!

A 'Wild' time

posted 24 Jun 2018, 11:36 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 24 Jun 2018, 12:18 ]

What a 'Wild' a wonderful time we have been having in Hedgehogs class.
Recently we have worked on thinking about the emotions in our 'Wild' story and have used these as a template to plan and create our own emotions stories. We have also been exploring how music can portray emotions and I was very impressed with how the class worked hard together to decide on instruments and styles of playing they could use together to form their own musical score to our 'Wild' book reflecting the feelings of the characters as it progresses. We look forward to playing it for you in a future assembly.
We were also very lucy to have a barbershop sextet visit and sing to us this week, they were really fantastic and great at answering questions and explaining their work to the class. We used this to talk about the idea of making music without musical instruments other than our own bodies, and we will continue this thinking into next week.
This week we also had a 'wild' trip to the moors and whilst parents of the class are aware of our unexpected experiences there, I shall keep our blog and pictures focused on the Wild things we saw on our walk and explorations. It was certainly a 'Wild' day out!


posted 12 Jun 2018, 04:42 by Stephen Crawford

The numbers are in.... in our first week of 'The daily mile' challenge, the Hedgehogs class have collectively managed to run over 50 miles! Fantastic work Hedgehogs! (and they've managed to "beat Mr Crawford" by keep their average laps higher than his each day!)

The start of our last term

posted 11 Jun 2018, 11:33 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 11 Jun 2018, 11:36 ]

What a lovely return to class we have had this week and a great start to what is our last term as Hedgehogs!
As always, we have enjoyed the outside a lot this week, starting with a fun bubble-filled forest school journey where we explored the wild and collected new "wild things" for our terms first storybook focus of a book aptly called 'Wild'. We even made our own 'Wild girl' heads from playdough and leaves!

This week we have also been exploring some tricky maths challenges covering a range of our learning and understanding that we have developed over the year, and we have even spent a day thinking about Oceans and in particular how plastic bags can cause problems for sea creatures. We explored saving animals from bags in our water tray seeing how easily they got caught when trying to swim through bag-filled water. We even explored trying to make it through a bag-filled sea ourselves! It wasn't easy!!!

Our story focus on 'Wild' by Emily Hughes will continue into next week and we look forward to reading through all the text to find out what happens, comparing this to our own endings of the story that we worked on this week, and using our new musical skills to create sounds to match the environments and feelings of the characters.

Another exciting end to a term

posted 2 Jun 2018, 12:47 by Stephen Crawford

We had another really exciting end to a half term and have enjoyed every moment of it!
We have been working really hard on creating our own musical works linked to common nursery rhymes, we've even made our own books for the 'Mulberry Bush'!
We have enjoyed exploring a range of different genres and working out how these make us feel and what ways we can respond to the music we hear. We've particularly enjoyed painting to music and seeing how different types of music change the way we create art.
In our maths learning we have continued to think carefully about money and coins, and have been exploring measuring further by really spending the time to compare, contrast and calculate the capacity of objects.
With amazing timing (as some of us had started to explore bandages and medicine again), we had a visit from a real ambulance and had a very detailed and interactive tour and exploration of all the instruments and tools inside! Lots of us spent many opportunities to build our own ambulances in the days following this, and they were nearly all very keen to show where they were storing the "laughing gas"!
With the weather improving as well we have had an increased opportunity to use the sandpit and it has been lovely to see this area being explored by bringing building tools and blocks into it in order to create something new. Many of the children have explored intricate building works by sifting sand to create cement, moving it along self-made conveyer belts, pouring it to make roads and then finding various blocks and tools to try and flatten it down.

Food and Music

posted 29 Apr 2018, 14:19 by Stephen Crawford

Another action-packed week in Hedgehogs! We have had some great fun continuing to work with instruments and music this week, as well as enjoying listening to our current genre focus of "Pop" - it has been lovely to see how moments of music in the background have inspired renewed interests and focuses in various aspects of the class by different children. It has also been great to see children's own musicality being expressed through their interactions with each other, the environment, and as little songs hummed and quietly sung to themselves as they work and play together.
We really enjoyed cooking with wild garlic this week and exploring all the smells and tastes involved!
We also had our first (yes, it will happy again!) band day! It was great to be a part of this and witness groups of children working together with their instruments to create music and perform for their peers. It was a very inspiring day with lots of noise and lots of engagement - even the adults in the class all expressed a renewed desire to increase their very limited skills on the instruments they brought in, so we hope this desire was also experienced by your children.

A musical return

posted 22 Apr 2018, 14:25 by Stephen Crawford   [ updated 24 Apr 2018, 04:33 ]

And...... we're back again!
It's been so great to be back with the Hedgehog's again this week as we begin our final term together as in reception! How time has flown!
We've had a musical return to class with the children really enjoying the experience of exploring a range of instruments and skills.
We have been exploring a new book and working on creating sounds and descriptive sentences to match it and we will continue to work on this challenge into next week to try and create our first recorded performance pieces.
This week has also surprised us with a few really sunny days, so we've taken advantage of that as well, with everything from sand castles and challenges to channel water through the playground to simply lying down quietly in the grass with the sun on our face listening to and describing the music of the world around us.

The vast majority of the class were convinced they owned their own musical instruments, and have expressed interest in bringing them in! Due to this, on Friday (27th April) our normal 'show and tell' day, we will ONLY be having instruments for show and tell. We will create a band (!) and see what fantastic music we can make together! Please do not bring in any expensive instruments, and if your child does not have any instruments then we will have ones available in class that they can use, but please don't bring in any 'typical' show and tell items.

Spaceship crash!

posted 7 Mar 2018, 09:01 by Stephen Crawford

Some of you may have predicted this... especially if you managed to see this video a few weeks ago...

That's right... we arrived to find warning signs up by the entrance to the school and even more tape and signs in the hedgehog's playground.... a spaceship had crashed! 

We used our really good thinking skills to decide how we would slowly investigate the site and spent a long time slowly and carefully marking out where evidence was; outlining with chalk and labelling with cards. We also had to select some of the evidence and study it closely by weighing it and recording what we saw. 

We even found some weird purple goo that we decided must be the fuel from the crashed spaceship.

We then had a think about what the evidence was telling us and worked out what direction the ship had come from (it had bounced off the outdoor rain shelter as we found some of the shelter smashed on the floor). 
We also had some theories that it might be Lex's spaceship as lots of spaghetti (Lex's favourite food) was found as well.

By the afternoon we were ready to open the space ship and we found a pod inside. Opening this we found, not only Lex, but a special alien visitor he had brought with him called Bob!



We look forward to finding out what Bob can teach us.

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