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Autumn weather!

posted 8 Oct 2016, 00:29 by Francesca McLoughlin   [ updated 8 Oct 2016, 04:56 ]
This week in Robins we looked at how tree seeds distribute and how the helicopter seeds fly. We prepared snack for the whole group (peeling pears and dipping in sugar and toasting on the fire). We learned how to do conker centred weaving and played a game of can you find my tree.

This week in Squirrels the rain didn’t dampen our spirits! We set off into the woods with lots of equipment. The children explored base camp with their archaeologist's tool kit. Ollie and Mehki found a “Dinosaur” bone from a T-Rex and carried it all the way back from the woods to our Museum of curiosity. The fire started in the rain without too much trouble this week but we forgot to pack the flour so instead of pancakes Dexter and Maisie made us some lovely scrambled eggs!
Well done Henry for all your efforts on the slack line! Miss Sparkes took some children on an Autumn ramble identifying leaves and nuts that had fallen from the trees.

This week in Hedgehogs we started our windy walk into the woods but had to turn back because it was just too windy. 
We still had fun back at school, some of the children helped to make hot chocolate in our Kelly Kettle, we looked at how to
categorise the Autumn leaves that had blown off the trees into a wooden frame. Each window had a label of either small, medium or large. We talked about the different colours too. We listened to a new song all about Autumn leaves falling down and finished off with a lovely story.