In September 2015 we started the journey to be recognised a a Unicef 'Right's Respecting School' and in November we achieved our 'Recognition of Commitment' certificate.
We firmly believe that as a school which prides itself on strong relationships and cares about its children as people, not just pupils, we must help them to develop the understanding of their own rights and related responsibilities as well as how they should treat others.
At Sparkwell Primary School we believe that our children are at the heart of our school which is why we are working towards the Unicef Rights Respecting School Award (RRSA).  Find out more at the Unicef website.

By working towards becoming a Rights Respecting School our children will:  
  • Improve self esteem and well being
  • Improve relationships and behaviour 
  • Improve engagement in learning
  • Become more involved in decision making in our school
  • Foster positive attitudes towards diversity in society and reduce prejudice
  • Enhance their moral understanding
  • Support global justice
We will have a weekly 'R' time where children will find out about a right and link it to their learning. Each term the School Council will focus on one of the 3 key areas of  Sustainability, Community or Citizenship. 

RRSA supports the global dimension to our curriculum, it supports social and emotional aspects of learning, community cohesion and sustainable development. This will encourage our children to make informed decisions and grow into confident, active and responsible citizens.